Bright winter season 2009. Trends

 ... And again, winter, new season again and again - a new fashion! To these long months we did not feel a prisoner of cool white, designers have decided this season to shake Zimushko-winter not only practical dark tones but also bright, summer-like warm colors. On the bright JustLady review trends of the season!  

These fashionable colors ...

You have certainly noticed that quite a long time on the podium paced long-legged beauties in purple dress and purple tones. Yes, you guessed it - the color for quite a long time in high esteem by fashion designers.

However, you certainly can not help but pay attention to something else: the fashion whirlwind burst cheerful fuchsia! Gaining momentum for several years (entrainment they began in 2004), this color has finally become the idol of the world-famous designers this season and won all the beauties of Europe.

This color will suit any fashionistas: bold lover entourage can combine it with yellow, prude - white, well, most spectacularly (and note universally) it will look with a black or dark gray.

Given that fuchsia - is derived from red, let's not forget about it in some degree of aggressiveness, but absolutely chic shade. After all, a woman in red - a classic, you see, and there's nothing to add ...

Under this enchanting explosion bright splashes very strictly and correctly entered gray and black colors. Yes, dark, restrained tone again at the peak of popularity. But now they are requested to wear something bright and shiny. This can be a glittering gold jewelry, and just Satin fabric - after all, it shines, is not it?

Femininity is back!
It is worth noting also that many designers fashion houses is not the first season offer modern women have long had time to love and appreciate the pants for their convenience and practicality, return to the side a little departed skirts and dresses.

It is also nice that the ladies enjoyed this opportunity to show their femininity and fun to become put on in strict office dress, and in the ephemeral skirts for fun parties and discos.

The most popular styles of dresses - classic. In general, as you can see, the designers this season tend to just such reasons. The famous "little black dress" by Coco Chanel still popular, but now it can also be white.

Penchant for minimalism in the plateau region, however, partly affects the pants: here the designers could not agree on a single opinion, and therefore offered this piece of clothing to choose from - a very wide trousers with pockets to compete with the "bananas" narrowed down.

Fighting wide and narrow trousers, fortunately, allows fashionistas dream, and - it's nice every woman! - Change clothes as often as possible.

Wide, almost masculine pants and coat "with someone else's shoulder" today will give you the opportunity to feel fragile and very feminine, and tomorrow, dressed in a tight, tight pants, you'll amaze others with their harmony and sexuality.

Important details

And finally, let's talk about accessories. This item is an integral part of the wardrobe this season designers offer to our attention the large, massive, glaring bright bracelets; mostly square-shaped, large bags - all with the same patches of purple and red flowers.

Not forgotten, purses and gloves - these items to your wardrobe this season is permissible to be garish bright. It is these little things are the final proof that winter came though for a long time, but not forever, and it is obvious there is no reason to indulge in melancholy and sadness - where better to plunge into a rainbow of fun winter 2008/2009 fashion trends!

Author: Julia Boltneva
Women's magazine JustLady

Tags: season, trend