Bags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlatives

 Observers are impressed: According to experts, the fashion of this year will be remembered for a long time. In the new collections of fashion designers - a real flurry of fresh and revised under the original angle is well forgotten solutions that lead genuinely surprise and delight. And not only in skirts similar to cake and vertiginous V-Neckline: bags that we carry in 2009 - an unprecedented superb. Women's magazines JustLady have a story to tell about the new bags.

Fashion trends: Fashion Spring 2009

An explosion of color

It seems that all the advanced fashion houses, by agreement, did bag the main subject of the new season. Such diversity hendbegov, clutches and bags messengers we have not seen for a long time: in the trend as bold variation on the classic models, and a variety of new forms.

2009 ?Bags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlatives

Bright and light bags for spring-summer 2009 is the best suited for careless warm days: among them a little plain and dark. "Black classic" painted with intricate ornaments contrasting white, neutral brown represented by a combination of shades or extravagant materials - for example, artificially aged skin. In absolute trend - shades of blue, especially saturated such as cobalt blue and bright turquoise. In the second place in popularity are variations of purple, stray favorite last season, and an outdoor red - particularly active they are used as complementary colors and decor. Very popular aniline, "candy" color (both in pure form and in combinations) - pink, orange, mint-green. 2009 promises to be a kaleidoscope, which left little room for bags usual practical, "non-marking" colors.

Home Leather season - undoubtedlypython and crocodile.

Bags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlativesBags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlatives

But it is not only the long-known texture, limited to the demonstration of its natural exoticism in a very simple and natural forms: bags of such skin painted in cheerful colors and inspiring abundantly decorated with metal fittings and elements of the type covered with buckles, curly brushes, leather colors and pompons, overhead " sagging "pockets bahromy-" noodles. " Roomy turquoise python orpink crocodile bag - Definitely must-have in 2009.

Bags 2009

Wild chic

In 2009 bags just like too: this carnival slightly, slightly burlesque aesthetics could not affect the trendy prints. Among these colors, inspired by the eighties and something resembling a wrapper on the candy - bright neon colors strokes on graphite or vanilla background. Clear abstract, including "arlekinskie" in the spirit of the sixties prints on glossy leather bag decorated with a rigid frame: contrast strict "office" shapes and colors captivate lovers merry extravagance.

Bags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlativesBags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlatives

Tending to more excessive and grotesque bohemian chic and stereotypical "wealth", a collection of 2009 showed a lot of gold and silver bags, and not necessarily in an evening option. Including the city everyday models are decorated with large, deliberately rough pieces of amber, crystal and semi-precious stones, chains, embroidery and applique using valuable materials.

The most popular motifs used in the decor - the heart and stripes, suggestive of the sea retro-chic and seductive style pin-up. Stamps by vintage tattoo with anchors, blue, hearts punched by an arrow - entirely in the spirit of 2009, as well as all that is suggestive of the jungle, wildlife and tribal totems recalls.

Bag not only for the cat

Spring Bag - Certainly most probably to fit full resurgent after a winter dream life. The only exceptions are the traditional clutches - but they look bigger than usual, because of the abundance of jewelry and parts.

Bags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlativesBags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlatives
Bags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlatives

Frame bag partially ceded position flat bags with cut handles and models cleverly simulates paper bags from department stores. The undisputed hit of the season - a soft rounded bag: it reticule, the variation of the sacks. New - 2 in 1 - bag with shoulder strap, the strap is transformed into a backpack, is sure to find a lot of fans among the following fashion and leading an active lifestyle urban areas. With a roomy, practical and evenly distributes the weight of "helper" is particularly convenient to hunt for new bags, so women's magazine JustLady recommends to celebrate the new season to get a similar model.

Bags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlativesBags 2009 Fashion frenzy of superlatives

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