Anti-men's fashion trends 2008

 This feeling is familiar to you. Here you see on the street and strangely dressed man surprised. Perhaps even looked after him. Some time later, you will once again meet a guy in this country (to put it mildly) clothes. And another. And more. And suddenly you realize that it is a disgrace - the latest fashion trend, and are literally everything! And then you have to wonder where would you buy this fashionable things, and unwittingly turn into a fashion victim. Women's magazine JustLady, about what is not fashionable to wear this year men.

And while mind you understand that this fashion trend you can hardly fit that he does not look ridiculous on the podium, but even that does not make you stop secretly dream about it. But do not rush to the store - first read this article until the end.

One of the fundamental rules of fashion says: if fashion trend do not suit you, look for another fashion trend, and from the first, stay away. Do not rush to turn into a fashion victim!

The purpose of this article - to warn you against annoying blunders and fashion faux-pas in 2008. These monstrous things we have repeatedly seen on the catwalks of the world's largest and most glamorous cities in the world. Be prepared for the fact that soon you will see them in the window of the nearest boutique. Get together with the forces and try to they moved into your wardrobe! Find out what trends should be avoided in 2008.

1. Patent Leather. Leather Pants

Bright colored shoes, bags and clothes with fringe way into men's fashion for several seasons, and it would seem, a man's wardrobe will not prevent some bright color accents.

However, in 2008 will be the blinding brightness of accessories, in addition, it will add an unnatural shine lacquered surface. Although patent leather and looks sexy on women, men, she rarely goes. If you still can not miss this trend, limit strap patent leather, but stay as far away from the shiny patent shoes, coats and bags.

By the way, patent leather belt should be combined with neutral clothing, such as black, white or gray shirt and trousers, as lacquered belt itself quite original and well breaks the monotony of a formal suit.

But on the black leather jackets and trousers, which this year returned to the podium, it's better to forget, even if you have perfect figure, or surrounding think you are going through a hard life crisis.

2. Style 80s. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans unsuccessfully looking for men and during the first burst of popularity, and since then nothing has changed. Unfortunately, the style of the 80s is becoming more popular, although it should have been buried in peace with the past century. If your city attributes this crazy decade have not yet appeared, beware: the first harbingers of trouble - skinny jeans combined with deliberately bulky jackets, down jacket.

In such a "fashionable" outfit every man looks like a boy in his father's clothes with shoulder. Worse than men in tight jeans and short down jacket can only be a man in tight jeans, down jackets and slicked hair gel - understand, no woman loves stroking hard sticky hair.

Another tip: if you do not just remember this trend, but even in his time wore it, in any case, do not repeat the same mistakes in 2008, especially since you are already out of the age when these failures can be attributed to youth and inexperience .

3. Metallic luster. Silver jacket

As shiny patent leather, metallic sheen - still one of the many fashion trends that should be avoided in 2008. Leave this trend adolescent girls.

Trench with golden shimmer, maybe it looks great on a slender young woman, but a man in the trench coat looks disgusting. Also, do not forget that not every man can carry things with bronze and golden tint, and quite frankly, why do you wear such clothes?

The following season like clothes out of fashion, and shiny accessories, such as belts or shoes look great on men rather strange. If you still want to spice up your wardrobe shine, try to confine small but important touches - shiny cufflinks unusual shape, watches or elegant and stylish decoration.

4. Long Sweater

Long sweater - a constant attribute of college students' 80s - also promises to return in the near future. Well, the obsession with this convenient and hide the belly a style can be understood to be aware that in a long sweater or you risk looking sloppy or slightly effeminate (especially considering the fashion of dress-sweater).

Strictly speaking, men's sweaters in general should not fall below the hips. Also, remember that the jacket should be slightly longer than the sweater, which means that long sweater hardly successfully fit into your wardrobe.

One does not only feature a long sweater should keep you from buying, but if you do not stop such "trifles", think about how the image of disorderly student or a rock star for your age and social status.

It's hard to say "no" fashion trends and give up what are everything. However, a sense of style always tell you what you are, and that - no, and practicality will help determine how durable is the trend and whether to buy fashionable thing.

Remember also that blindly trust the fashion magazines and worn only by "urgent" things - bad taste, because you do not have to issue their own opinions or inability to realistically assess their appearance.

What to do? A little hint: the classic is always up to date and relevant in any situation, so every season update a classic wardrobe fashionable thing or a small accessory. Believe me, it is enough to pass for fashionable and stylish men.

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