Women's sweaters: fashion model in winter

Women's sweaters: fashion model in winter
 Women's sweater is a favorite winter clothing for many women. Modern female models of these clothes are stylish and diverse, making their owners bright and fashionable in the middle of the gray crowd.
 In 2013, the designers have outdone themselves, firing on the podium an incredible kaleidoscope of women's sweaters. So how to choose clothes that are most relevant in the new season?

Women's sweaters 2013: fashion trends

Traditional wool sweaters were, are and will be. Comfortable and stylish thing is perfect for virtually every element of a woman's wardrobe. Trend number one in the new season, designers are called fur and feather sweater, which is ideal for off-season and it can replace the warm outer clothing.

Equally popular in 2013 and women's sweaters are made from natural and synthetic fibers that keep their shape perfectly and combine several options threads.

Stably retain their positions pullovers and sweaters. Sweaters with multilayer cap and buttons in high demand in the fashion world for many years and are an excellent choice for everyday wear in any weather.

The new season of fashion designers offered up to the top of the popularity of women's sweater with short sleeves or sleeveless models, which are already close traditional vests with their well-deserved podium.

Fashionable women in 2013 will like sweater with an asymmetrical bottom, hood or side slits. Such clothing to diversify the usual wardrobe and give her mistress extraordinary.

The color scheme of women's fashion sweaters

In the new season at the peak of popularity gothic muted tones. Gray, black and brown are the perfect choice for the cold winter season. And for those who do not wish to follow a melancholy mood, designers are advised to wear trendy sweaters red, yellow, purple, green, and blue colors, which combine perfectly with the clothing in cold tones.

The most festive look eternally fashionable white sweaters, skirts and harmony with other ornate imagery. Very true, very moody.

Patterns of the most popular bar, crow's feet and the cage. Also, designers often prefer models with print in the form of abstraction or persons in the style of pop art. In addition, women's fashion sweater with fur trim, fringe and shiny applique, making this type of clothing and exclusive creative element of the image.

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