Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010

 Fashion 2010 heading for a return to the true nature and femininity: the hot trend all play, flying, enveloping. Therefore, the main role in the upcoming season of spring-summer playing skirts, they returned to the woman herself. New collections offer a variety of views on the female form: the child colors, queen of the jungle, luxury citizen, and for each of these roles, you can find the right skirt, matching the mood and the occasion. On the pages of virtual women's magazine JustLady - overview of trendy skirts on all sides.

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The main news in fashion skirts - their length. In the coming year, it does not rise above the knee, and ideally up to mid-calf. Bold narrow mini uniquely sent to the bottom of the cabinet - to wait more than a good time, and at super-long wide skirts have a good chance to become stronger in the evening wardrobe combined with trendy tops, one shoulder openers. Long "peasant" deliberately simple skirt Marc Jacobs presented and Cavalli. However, for those who did not survive the failure to demonstrate the legs, in the collections of 2010 were shown a model of short skirts - certainly magnificent.
Skirt with asymmetrical hem (Balenciaga, Dior) and deliberately "skewed" details - pockets, zippers - triumphantly returned to the dressing room, and the "differential" between the shortest and the longest side can be quite steep. And that's how we call this a skirt - long or short?

Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010


Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan offer ample skirt is gathered at the waist, or narrow pencil skirts with high waistline and stitched broad sashes: both style back from the eighties. These skirts are shoes with high steady heel: tight-fitting boots and shoes for spring with rounded toes or simple clogs to the beginning of summer. But the main squeak season - voluminous skirts (Biba, Oscar de la Renta), perfectly accentuating the waist and makes it particularly thin in contrast to the "stuffed" hips. The volume can be created both through a cut, and due to extremely relevant in the fashion of this year multilayered. Balloon skirt, skirt-tulip pettikoat, a pack - at least one of them should be in your wardrobe! Multi-layer skirt with drapes are sewn as one, and diversified one of several tissues, highlighting the complexity of cut. Flounces, ruffles, smell - all that creates a multi-layered and emphasizes the splendor, is in progress. Relevant giant "sagging" pockets.

Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010

Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010


In fashion thick natural shades in all its richness: saturated, as impressionist strokes, they emphasize the human desire to basics. Special touch - color, reminiscent of precious stones: garnet, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine. All worn in 2010 colors are natural prototypes: brown like the earth, green as good olive oil, red as the African sun. Separate hit - all shades of purple, from light, almost violet, to the color of the star of the southern night. Not in vogue pure white, it was replaced by pale yellow-tinted shades of vanilla, melted cream color, light pistachio color the dawn sky. The idea of ​​the magazine JustLady: combinations of top and bottom especially looks gorgeous selection of objects of the same color but different texture.

Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010


Overriding rigor silhouettes compensated riot of prints and colors: in fashion animals, snake skin and patterns inspired by jungle vegetation and tropical forests. Many cells: Scottish tartan, unassumingly "lumberjack shirt" elegant British squares. Bright peas and stylized ethnics are also welcome.

Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010Tulip, a pack, a pencil skirt ... Trendy - 2010

Supplies and accessories

Stock up on thin straps with metal buckles simple: they are on top of the broad Kushakov skirts-pencils. Wide knitted or rubberized belts to wear buttons with lush skirts. Buttons are used for decoration rather than for functionality: big beautiful button can decorate the front of the skirt in the style of buckle, rows of buttons down the side seams. Stitching in a contrasting color - a hit!


All that fits, but not tight, and flying jets. Natural smooth nemnuschiesya materials, jersey, silk, muslin and crepe de chine, lightweight cotton and thin wool, and brocade and lace tutu and pettikoat.

Olga mob
Women's magazine JustLady

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