Trendy hairstyles 2011

Trendy hairstyles 2011
 Hairstyle is subject to a great deal. It not only gives a woman a new image, but also inspires her. This year's fashion naturalness and simplicity. Aggressive and sophisticated styling in the past. They were replaced by a slightly negligent, disheveled hair.  

Of course, the "negligence" on the head should not look as if you just got out of bed and forget comb hair. Just give your hair a little spontaneity and freedom. Do not overdo it with paints, foams and mousses - a lot of them, too, in the past.

At the peak of popularity - kosopletenie. And absolutely in different directions, be it weakly French braided tresses, volume spikes, braids with fleece, or so-called "basket" and spit in the "Greek style". The main thing - ease.

Remain relevant and a variety of bundles: low and high, lush and flat, negligent, or with the volume at the back - no difference.

Romantic curls do not hand over their positions. In a fashion slightly disheveled, tousled curls: large or small curls, vertical or wavy locks, but not perfect "fuzziness".

Direct loose hair with a little nap at the back accentuate your natural beauty and give flirting appearance.

Surprisingly tender and touching image create hairstyles that are woven in vibrant colors. The only disadvantage of this hairstyle - its fragility. But this is compensated by the advantages: unusual, romantic and fresh image of its owner.

The use of crowns in hairstyles - is not only fashionable and stylish, but also graceful. Tiaras, tiara, tiaras, crowns, tiaras, headbands and tiaras, combs will give your hair the refinement.

As for hair color, there is also dominated by natural shades: no highlighting and coloring. Preferably one color as close as possible to the natural.

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