Top 10 trends winter 2009

 Nature finally changed their colors. Gone are the green and gold foliage and blue sky seems to be delayed for a long time a gray veil of clouds. And that means that he came not only new natural season, but also a new fashion season. That is why we should look at the podium leading fashion houses to assess the most interesting trends winter 2009.

Perhaps the main thing that characterizes the winter fashion of the coming season - is moderation and accuracy. There are no radical innovations and conceptual discoveries. Basically, fashion designers have given us the subtle nuances of well-known and popular items, as well as soft unobtrusive quotes from a variety of retro styles - hippies, seventies and eighties.

Almost all the major trends winter 2009 focused on traditional classics, and therefore will be comfortable and convenient for any circumstances. Dilute this classic designers offer juicy details and accessories.

Fluffy fur

Winter - it's cold, and therefore, it is necessary to think about warm clothes. This season, designers are back to an abundance of natural fur, despite resistance from animal advocates. It seems that beauty and functionality with fur little that can compare.

The main trend of the season - Include the long fur (fox, fox). However, the splendor of its balanced, so to speak, small forms. Designers offer primarily fur jackets and short coats, as well as the finish of long-fur coats and jackets. It is more convenient for the modern urban environment.

Gloss Satin

Similarly, many women do not like things made of satin, considering them too provocative for everyday life. In the season of winter 2009, designers offer a fresh look at things from the atlas, turning them from the glamorous luxury items just in everyday wardrobe items.

First of all, it's quite numerous blouses laconic silhouette. If you use more dense fabric with a satin smooth surface, in this season are invited to sew even business suits and skirts. And as a result of this there is no call to good taste and public opinion.

Cosiness sleeveless

Fur elements designers this season are successfully used in other subjects of ladies' clothes. For a couple of seasons in the leading fashion houses have an interest in jackets and vests. Is no exception and winter 2009.

Many collections are present as tiny zhiletik waist-length and long, up to mid-calf, sleeveless in the sort of rustic style. More classical things are knitted vests that are borrowed, of course, of the male wardrobe. However, the hit of the season can be considered a sleeveless fur or fur trim.

The new multi-layer

Vests, jackets, scarves, boas - all these details allow designers to design a new multi-layered. Even supporters of classic elegance like to use in their collections this technique, combining sometimes not very compatible things.

However, the new multi-layered winter season 2009 is devoid of punk and untidiness raskhristannosti. This technique is used to create a completely classical sets of clothes and looks very restrained. Oddly enough, it is possible to offer multi-layered in this fashion season as business wear.

A look at the parks

However, many women prefer a more democratic form of clothing instead of fur jackets and classic suits triples with strict jackets. For them, the universal clothing are jackets that in a city help to exist quite comfortably.

Winter-2009 offers a return to a functional clothing like jackets parks. They are reminiscent of the era of the 80s and repeat almost completely while many popular models. Park-2009 should be long (at least - to mid-thigh), not very voluminous, with a large hood (preferably with a furry), convenient pockets and drawstring casing.

Choosing Scarves

To park designers offer as accessories long scarves and knitted hats. However, this season designers to moderate its violent fantasy, and remained within reasonable limits.

Supergiant ScarvesIn which could last winter wrap as a pashmina, in the past. First of all, we offer scarves made of thin knitted fabric - one or two turns around the neck and long dangling ends.

Hit of the season - silk scarves, which are more decorative in nature than retain heat. They, incidentally, can be worn for two - especially if they are in a contrasting color.


And scarves, and parks, and fur jackets can be worn with a warm cozy pants in which we are not afraid of any bad weather. But that's exactly what pants are a hit of the season winter 2009?

Alas, this hit is suitable not for every woman. Referring again to the trends 80s, designers have decided to introduce a new pants bananas. As is well known, this model has a very large volume at the hips and tapers downwards. About it today, and we offer.

Some designers are represented in the pants shortened version to the ankles, others intercepted ankle cuffs, the third narrowed in the knee area.

Skirt tutu

This is another hit of the season winter-2009, which should be evaluated very carefully. It is clear that afford the skirt can only owner of a very slender long legs and narrow hips.

However, by the designers this option so liked that similar options have many well-known fashion houses. By the way, compulsory set-skirts to such packs - a dense colored tights (preferably black or gray). Curious look such short skirts and leather jackets, bombers.

Catch in the network

However, if you are willing to radical actions, it can be added to a skirt-pack another hit of the season winter 2009 - mesh tights. This is probably one of the few trends that are knocked out of the whole mood of moderate classic fashion season.

Black mesh, as you know - it's one of the sexiest items of ladies' clothes. Many think it is vulgar, but many believe it is biased and happy to wear such a thing. However, it is still quite sharp spicy seasoning, which should be used very carefully.


If we are talking about fur things, you can not go past the next return to the world's catwalks fur scarves and Boas. The coming winter season offers a huge variety of accessories.

This trend - an elegant quotation from fashion trends forties. At that time, women wanted to look elegant, but the post-war devastation not allowed to wear fur coats or wraps. Here and there are little things. They are the perfect complement to a woolen coat, a jacket of mixed fabrics, classic trench coats and even tweeds.

Galina Yudakhin

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