Tights: What trends wait for winter?

Tights: What trends wait for winter?
 Together with the accession to the catwalk models in a variety of dresses and skirts, along with the return of fashion femininity and elegance once again become a popular and important part of this stylish image as tights. They allow to create the necessary accents and enhances outfit, turning it from everyday to holiday, from the office - in free.  

Fantasy designers knows no limits, and this is evident by the fact a variety of variations of the tights they offer. Regardless of tastes and preferences, each girl will be able to find the option that simultaneously bring her the title of queen of style and will be a perfect look for her figure.

One of the main trends of preference becomes simple and plain textured tights. Choose complex patterns and weave - in addition to the normal diamonds are very popular as cage, circles, flowers, other combinations of lines and shapes. Particular attention should be paid to printed weave, but do not forget that they are visually thicken feet. These tights look great with evening gowns from luxurious fabrics - brocade, satin, chiffon.

Winter - not a reason to stop wearing dresses, because the creation of heat can take care tights. Especially as tight tights have become a real fashion hit, ascended to the top of the stylish Olympus. It is advisable to buy some of their varieties: pure black tights bright colors and pastel shades, and with a pattern. They blend with any dress, but particularly fashionable tights kit will, in a couple of which you wear a dress of knitted fabric. Permissible virtually any color variations - play on contrasts or greeting domination of one color, pick each other patterns and prints.

Style, glamor and beauty sang together, displayed on the fashion catwalks still some favorites - tights with an arrow. And here you are waiting for surprises: the color change not only the tights, but the arrow. Particularly extravagant option - black tights and a red line. This is a great opportunity to refresh office outfit without breaking the dress code.

Returning to the patterns, you must separately mention another fashion trend - animal prints. Tights by "Leopard", "zebra" and other striped and spotted wildlife species must necessarily appear in your wardrobe.

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