The most fashionable winter trends

The most fashionable winter trends
 New fashion trends of the season autumn-winter 2011-2012 year will delight fashionistas its elegance and extravagance. Yes, indeed, and women who prefer elegance in clothes, and those who like some outrageous, will find themselves in new items this season to taste.

And back in fashion silhouettes, in which the notes sound retro. Skirts - curvy and straight length of a little below the knee, slacks, dresses to the floor - flowing and exciting, narrowed jackets. Some designers have emphasized in their collections inspired by the Parisian fashion 60s.

The main distinguishing feature of this autumn-winter season - the almost complete absence of black. Another important feature - emphasis on the waist. What else?

Jumpsuit is back! According to some well-known designers, overalls - a variant of the women's tuxedo, quite appropriate for an evening out. Therefore returned from the 70-ies everyday overalls became seductive cocktail and delicious.

Fringe is now in clothes and accessories. On the fashion runways of the season was very popular fringe, and "red thread" was held in many collections. Clothes, bags, shoes and even hair ornaments and earrings were decorated with fringe.

Lace underlined sophistication and chic. Traditional lace evening dress of lace a bit to make room and given a place on the podium next to a business suit made of lace and guipure. The main colors of lace this season - gray and black. Special chic to your underwear and mysteriously zavlekayusche shines through lace dress.

Did not escape his attention designers and styles of coats. Soon become cold, and if you want this season to wear fashionable coats, begin to think about what style to choose from all varieties represented.

Coat with hood, swing coats of various colors with a belt or belt, close fitting cut coats, coats, trapeze, military style coat, double-breasted, short and concise romantic long and, of course, the classic coat - they all demand this season.

Material execution for clothing is also the most diverse: natural and artificial leather, wool, fur trim - all the choice is yours.

This season is not only interesting for its novelty, but also because it allows the beautiful half of humanity not to restrain your imagination and choose the clothes and accessories to their liking and for all occasions.

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