Ripped jeans - fashion trends 2010

 Fashion for casually dressed, worn and torn things are inextricably linked with the youth fashion. It was among the students born brightest and most unpredictable ideas, which are then sometimes penetrate the collections of famous couturier. It is to them are ripped jeans, the peak of popularity which came in 80th - 90th, and now they are returning to the podium. Women's magazine with you JustLady examines the most interesting options torn and frayed jeans 2010 season.

When the streets were first ladies dressed inripped jeansWhether it is necessary to say how much they have caused resentment on the part of the older generation! While those cuts, which could boast of jeans 80s pale in comparison with the modern variety of holes, bands, scuffs and even hardened iron beds. Then it was small incisions in the knee or the side of the thigh. However, even these tiny details created an atmosphere of easy carelessness and looseness, which just missed many even very elegantly dressed girls. Became particularly popularripped jeans after because they were wearing the popular musicians and actors such as Kurt Cobain appeared in concerts not only in torn, but patched jeans, Dave Pirner - literally in tatters, remaining from jeans, then appeared in the press pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman and Charlize Terron too shabby in some places torn jeans, this definitely their high popularity.

How to look the mosttrendy ripped jeans summer season 2010? First of all, relevant small rectangular, neatly made the cut. They may be single or arranged one above the other. The fabric is cut in such a way that all the longitudinal threads are preserved, while the rest of the matter is removed. Vivid examples of jeans we see in the collections of 7 for all mankind, Balmain, Bess.

Ripped jeans - fashion trends 2010

The best complement to them will be a T-shirt or top horizontal bar, which seemed repetitive pattern which is created by the remaining strands or a belt with rows of horizontal staves, from which there is a similar effect. In summer 2010 collection by Bessripped jeans complemented by delicate peach T-shirt, which is in harmony with the color shines through the slits of the leg skin.

Totorn jeans by Roberto Cavalli left of the horizontal threads, and some also torn and hanging on the edges of the incision. Best shoes - boots or closed sandals. No less fashionable in the 2010 season are ripped jeans, slots which resemble the shape of small icicles or running streams, as a model of Sitizens of Humanity: an absolutely smooth new jeans two zigzag lines running to the tribes. At Dolce & Gabbana similar cuts, but smaller and arranged uniformly on pant leg, from them there are numerous scrapes and smaller holes in different directions.

Ripped jeans - fashion trends 2010

Another option - a few strands with oval cuts or darn easy at the waist and knees, like jeans Current Elliot, it is well suited to the shoes with straps round pattern. The most original ripped jeans from Acne - gently blurred bright spot on each knee with a huge hole made so that there is a feeling crafty spots. With them the best combination of round elongated objects such as, for example, folds dark scarf on a lighter shirt, black boots and a bag.

Ripped jeans - fashion trends 2010

How to make ripped jeans with his hands? First of all, we must remember that the cuts only look sloppy, and actually made very carefully. You need to consider where it will be placed holes or worn effect, apply their outlines shallow (ballpoint or gel pen may leave a mark, if you change your mind), while in mind that if the holes are too close, the fabric can tear. Better if they themselves will be wearing jeans on you, and will be applied to mark the other person, and you'll be standing in front of a large mirror. It should be borne in mind that in the tight jeans incision immediately increase on the wide trouser legs dense complex pattern will not be read.

How to make ripped jeans with scuffed? To do this, use sandpaper, and in addition it will require considerable patience. To expedite the process, you can pull a few strings using a needle and hook and break them. The same can be done with his hands jeans torn so as to maintain the horizontal filament. To do this, make a few flat parallel transverse incisions and carefully remove all tissue between the rigid horizontal threads. Thus it is necessary to follow closely that the edges were relatively flat.

Ripped jeans, made with his own hands good that figure can think this way, then to change it when bored or darn, such as models from Victoria Beckham Denim.

Ripped jeans - fashion trends 2010

If you want to look stylish and casually you like youth fashion, and, in addition, your wardrobe contains a couple of original shirts and T-shirts, then feel free to take a pair of scissors and start manufacturingripped jeans with his hands. Are you afraid? Then take a look at the store, perhaps there exists exactly what your taste!

 Maria Leo
Women's magazine JustLady

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