Lace accessories 2011

Lace accessories 2011
 In 2011, he returned to the fashion vintage and retro style. One of the essential elements of the collection is stylish lace. Do not delay lacy things for the season autumn-winter, you have a chance to shine in the summer!

Designers this year introduced a large number of accessories with lace: bags, gloves, belts, shoes and even sunglasses. Lace is used as a form of self, and in combination with other materials - satin, velvet, suede and leather. Any strict restrictions into the fitting colors or not, any lace will be important.

Fishnet gloves have long since ceased to be solely a wedding enhancement. In 2011, the collections are well represented gloves of different colors, different lengths, with the fingers without them. But for bags primary colors are a combination of black and white and pastel colors - coral, peach and vanilla.

Tried and designers in the development of lace shoes. Every fashionista will be able to choose something to your taste: ankle boots with high heels, sandals or wedges lace shoes.

There is lace and various headdresses and ornaments - barrette, rims, brooches. Quite diverse wardrobe little lacy thing, to emphasize your image and style.

An important element of lace collections are all kinds of scarves. This item of clothing is truly indispensable. There are numerous ways of tying a scarf around your neck that will allow you every day, using the same accessory look different.

In addition, you can throw a scarf on the head or shoulders, tied at the waist or hips. If they are, of course, has not yet stylish belt decorated with lace.

Lace accessories of the season-2011 suitable for both everyday wardrobe, and for the grand evening out. Lace adorn any woman, without exception, will create a unique image, accentuate the taste and will attract attention.

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