Jeans for a new way: the most fashionable denim summer

Jeans for a new way: the most fashionable denim summer
 For many girls, denim has become an integral part of the wardrobe. In jeans and convenient to walk to work, and to parties, combining them with various clothes and accessories. Denim never goes out of fashion, but fashion designers have already determined that it would be the most relevant in this summer.  
 Colored jeans do not lose their popularity. Jeans are a particular hit skins with bright floral or with animal prints. These pants will look beautiful in combination with a fashionable jacket, tunic or short dress.

Plain colored denim is still in vogue. This season, relevant colors like lavender, mint, coral and fuchsia. However, other bright colors are also welcome. These pants should be on the figure, long or shorter.

The novelty of the summer 2012 became neon jeans. Unremarkable day, in the evening, they will make you the queen of disco.

Ripped jeans again at the height of fashion. This model will not only help to express your rebellious spirit, but also hide figure flaws. Do you want to appear slimmer - choose pants with rubbing in the central part, to the dark color remained on the sides. All kinds of patches, torn edges and asymmetrical fringe hanging will add glamor to your image.

In fashion this summer and white denim. These clothes looks simple and elegant, as well as profitable emphasize tanned skin.

Fashionable novelty, which you do not even have to spend money - it cropped jeans. The length can be any of the breeches capris. Just cut the boring you a pair of pants, and you give them a new life.

This summer, in a fashion not only denim bottom, but the top. Hit of the season were T-shirts and shirts with short sleeves denim. Should wear them with pants or skirts narrow that the tone will be different from the top.

Became urgent and denim pencil skirt. The combination of this skirt with a white shirt and Greek sandals is a great option for the office.

This summer, designers believe that the more denim, the better. On the catwalks models demonstrate various combinations with a denim jacket, jeans, sundresses, denim jeans shoes and even accessories. So feel free to dress up in denim, and you can not go wrong.

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