Guide fashion footwear

Guide fashion footwear
 In the new season, designers have provided freedom of choice and offered probably the widest range of different fashionable footwear. Recent trends in terms of geography ranges from Frenchwomen favorite ballerinas to the Greek sandals.
 In this fashion cocktail of juicy fruit color burst bright neon shades and made a real riot dull mood and dullness that touched not only clothing fashionistas, but also their shoes.

For the past several years, platform shoes and stilettos are leaders in the fashion charts for most girls. It seems that the hearts of fashionistas all over the world ever won a platform that gives rise times so missing a few extra centimeters, and high heels that accentuate shapely legs. Designers recently introduced a new version of the fashionable Union platform and heel. Wedge officially been declared a major shoe trend.

Ballet theme again received an unexpected popularity. Ballet shoes or elegant flat shoes are the perfect accompaniment to almost any outfit, including a light pleated dresses, so self-respecting fashionista simply must have at least one pair of such shoes in her wardrobe.

Now no longer relevant eternal dispute between comfort and fashion, as designers have found a solution for this problem. They were styled sandals sustainable low orthopedic right heel. This trend stylists immediately included in the list of must-have, and the ladies were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Gained enormous popularity sandals with rope guideshoe and shoes with heels of jute ropes, which perfectly combine with light romantic sarafans, skirts just below the knee or micro-shorts.

In order to feel like a real goddess, now it is enough just to wear sandals. However, it is difficult to choose one model of mass sandals with geometric perforations, with thin interwoven straps or with rivets. However, no matter what pair you do not prefer any of them will be the patron of this style and fashion.

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