Fashionable rubber boots: choose a couple

Fashionable rubber boots: choose a couple
 More recently, rubber boots were a symbol of dull autumn mud and looked as unattractive and rude as slush and puddles. Many women probably putting on a rainy autumn or spring day expensive leather shoes, shoes or boots, secretly grieved by the fact that you can not go in rubber boots, so as not to spoil the shoes and not get his feet wet.

But now the rubber boots on the height of fashion. Sometimes they even become a key element of clothing, eye-catching. Bright, cheerful, with a variety of prints, all colors of the rainbow, as if they were arguing with rain and gray skies.

Fun to walk through puddles in bright yellow or orange rubber boots, even the mood is rising - and you, and passers-by. In addition to a variety of colorings, there are many models of rubber boots: with heels and flat shoes, thin and thick, warm and not. There are models where rubber is made only the lower part of the boot and ankle - from water-repellent fabric or faux fur. Some top lacing boots, which can be tightened to prevent water from above numb.

The choice is huge, and you can easily pick up a couple (or maybe not one) to your taste. When buying, look for something to match the boots in size. Also check how well made shoes. Check whether painted lining, and if painted, then look for another pair or model. Please note that there is no mechanical damage - holes, scratches, scuffs, creases and folds. Any crease could be a tear, then the point in a water-repellent shoes will not - you are wasting money and spoil the mood.

See if wicking rubber on textiles if the boots are made of composite materials. Please note pad: the material from which it is made, is there any insulation. Remember that rubber boots - a great way to rainy or wet day, but are not hygienic. Feet in rubber boots sweat a lot, quickly get tired of it, because rubber is not breathable and does not absorb moisture. Therefore lining rubber boots is extremely important, especially if you are going to wear rubber boots for several hours.

Modern rubber boots have special hygroscopic lining that give the feet to breathe, look for them if you plan on long walks. Modern heaters provide an opportunity to walk in rubber boots, even with a light red.

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