Fashion Workshop: how to choose shoes

Fashion Workshop: how to choose shoes
 In the suit, the harmony is important. Situation and the desired image must conform not only clothes but also accessories - especially shoes. After all, it affects not only the completeness of the suit, but the well-being of the owner.
 In the selection of shoes you need to consider several factors - matching a particular situation, a harmonious combination of clothes and accessories and amenities.

Your shoes walked to the environment in which you will wear it, consider a few rules. For formal situations requiring hard dress code, choose a strict style. Heel may be high, but the shoes should not be excessive decorations - bows, rhinestones or buckles. Even in summer should not wear open-toed shoes - they look too informal. Choose calm colors - black, brown, gray. In some situations it may be appropriate to look more vibrant colors, such as dark cherry or blue. It is important that the shoes do not become too bright accent.

The second factor - a shoe compatibility with the rest of the ensemble. Remember the golden rule - miniskirts should not wear high heels. Even at the disco, you risk looking too vulgar. But ballet flats, sandals or shoes elegant backless perfectly complement your mini and accentuate shapely legs.

Shoes should fit not only for clothes, but also accessories. Therefore, some people prefer to buy a ready-made set of shoes and bags in the same style and the same material. However, in this case, you risk to look old-fashioned. Make a perfect ensemble on their own. For example, pick up the shoes and the bag of different shades of the same color. Or beat the texture of materials, combining suede clutch with or redikyulem of shiny skin. Try to keep your bag and shoes meet one image. Should not be combined sports backpack with studs and elegant silk clutch - with moccasins.

In the selection of shoes do not forget about comfort. Note that with tired legs and uneven gait, you will not look good even on the most luxurious heels. For a long walk and stable heel, select up to 5, at least 7 cm. Note that in this case, ballet flats - this is not the best choice. For long walks a little heel is needed. Choose shoes made of soft breathable materials - fine leather or fabric. Trying on shoes, bend your arms sole - it must be sufficiently flexible and resilient.

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