Fashion swimwear 2011

Fashion swimwear 2011
 A short time holidays makes women hard to follow the figure, diet, go to the gym. All this is done in order to be able to feel confident somewhere on the beach in a swimsuit mind-blowing. And if the swimsuit is not just a woman, but beautiful and fashionable, it can feel almost queen.

Approving male looks remarkably raise women's self-esteem, but if swimsuit matched correctly, you do not have to be afraid of and critical of women's views. Beach fashion industry today allows every woman to look stylish, regardless of age or type of figure.

The emphasis in the 2011 season made on femininity. Cut, fabric and colors this season are corrected figure, emphasizing especially seductive female form.

Many models are multi-layered and consist of forming a dense lining and upper part, allows you to visually adjust the volume. A modern version of a closed swimsuit tankini, allows you to close the tummy, and a cross between conjoint and separate swimsuit, monokini, helps to correct the abdomen and waist clever cutouts and weave pieces of fabric in this area.

It femininity makes such a popular beach in retro style fashion this season. Ruffles, knitted swimwear, ruffles, wide straps, high armholes and high waist - all these details are found in many collections beach. Very popular vintage models, decorated with rhinestones, buckles, colored and shiny threads, beads. In the used tissues present vintage print.

In relation bikini was not much change. This season has been a popular open shoulders and bodice in a ribbon strapless. Cups - in all shapes and sizes, in many models present the color contrast between the color of the bodice and straps.

As for the color scheme models, there is virtually no restrictions. Very popular pastel shades, small floral or geometric pattern. The abundance of options swimwear with a variety of prints, from urban landscapes to animal and plant themes, represented by a variety of manufacturers.

In short, the beach fashion season is still very democratic and allows every woman to show a woman.

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