Fashion fetishes Louis Vuitton

Fashion fetishes Louis Vuitton
 When you talk about Louis Vuitton, the first thing that probably comes to mind everyone - cult bag of this brand. Indeed. You may not know the founder of the brand, the history of its development, the chief designer, representing the fashion house, you did not even hear about the latest high-profile shows, but bags and Louis Vuitton bags are known around the world.

Louis Vuitton is now the most expensive and the most prestigious brand among the well-known designer brands and fashion houses. It is considered that the secret of success of any fashion house lies in the presence of his peculiar style and handwriting elements that never nobody can repeat. Also important in the popularity of the brand is easily recognizable monogram, memorable pictures and characteristic color.

 It so happened and Louis Vuitton. All recognizable label LV, brown-beige color and the cell pattern suitcases and bags were known to each mod in 1876. Originally monogram was invented in order to have got already universally recognized public suitcases, could not forge. But all familiar with the LV monogram pattern on the bags and suitcases appeared much later, after the death of company founder Louis Vuitton in 1896

 In addition, Louis Vuitton because of its skills and undeniable talent was able to create a fundamentally new model suitcase. The fact is that before all the suitcases were round, which greatly complicates their transportation. By Louis Vuitton suitcase was flat, fairly lightweight and airtight. This is what distinguishes it from its predecessors. Brand Louis Vuitton suitcases were more spacious and transportable.

 Continuing the family business, Georges Vuitton, son of Louis Vuitton in 1901, is a new bag Steamer, for storing small items in the luggage. Through nearly 30 years appear Handbags Keepall, No? bag and Speedy. Grandson of Louis Vuitton Gaston greatly expanded range of leather accessories brand name, and in 1966 released a new small bag of cylindrical shape Papillon. When Gaston also appear famous leather wallets and small accessories with recognizable pattern and branded monogram LV. Production technology of famous handbags are still kept and respected master of fashion house.

 In 2001, thanks to the designer Marc Jacobs and Stephen Spouzu out VIP-line suitcases and bags Louis Vuitton for the very wealthy and discerning customers of the brand and its fans. These collections are usually limited and unique in its execution. Artist Takashi Murakami in 2003, also made a creative contribution to the manufacture of bags and adorned them with small pink flowers on a brown background. Now the collection of such bags is called "Cherry blossom".

 The biggest suitcase Louis Vuitton boutique is located in France on the Champs Elysees.

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