Fashion brands 2011

Fashion brands 2011
 Year after year, fashion, despite its cyclical nature, surprises with new ideas and bringing in old styles of modern, new accents. 2011 is no exception - this year called the year of flying and white silhouette free returns. Famous brands delight us with bright, new trends, emphasizing the individuality and style.

AFVandevorst leaves for fall 2011 with a very stylish and original collection, which is based on leather and silk. Very relevant will this fall multilayer kits from AFVandevorst. The main colors of the collection - a discreet brown, gray, black. There are bright, contrasting white clothes.

Banana Republic offers clothing in the style of urban fashion. Designers have tried to cater to the taste of modern women, always wanting to be different and compelling. The main recommendation is also layered clothing. Color from black and gray to yellow and red.

Andrew Gn for this season introduced a refined collection of black, beige, gray and white clothes. Designer suggested pants, jackets, evening dresses, coats, blouses and lots of very different styles. Very beautiful silk evening dresses emphasize the waistline, have flared towards the bottom skirt.

Very original and colorful autumn collection at Basso & Brooke. They offer suits, dresses and coats of colored fabrics with abstract geometric designs. A variety of colors: blue, red, black, green, gray.

Akris presented at this very autumn-winter fashion trends. Designers have shown a lot of dresses, pants, skirts, suits, jackets and more. The color scheme restrained - black, gray, white, brown of various shades.

The basic models in the collection of H & M - the combination of stylish blazers and shorts, mini dresses most striking colors, maxi dress with a wide variety of prints.

Adilisik (Adilishik) is known throughout the world, it is a fashion brand of women's clothing designed for women aged 25-35 years. This year Adilisik released a collection that reflects the style of 20's, 30's, 40's of the last century. It contains elements of menswear that makes the collection a refined, elegant. Despite the strength of clothing looks feminine and romantic.

Clothing Quattro for those who wish to look seductive, bold and compelling. This is the style for active, self-confident women, always looking neat and elegant. Quattro is designed clothes for women from 20 to 45 years. The collection Quattro 2011 are four basic styles: - Line Business glam, cocktail clothes, casual line of Signature and Trendy. The main thing in this collection is a glamorous business wardrobe for the office. Much attention is paid to the fashionable dress, which form the basis of a business suit.

Line Casual - a collection of stylish, comfortable things from viscose and cotton in very urgent fuksievyh and beige. Wonderful jacket sleeveless dress or a loose cotton shorts will form the basis of any fashionista's wardrobe.

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