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 With each new season fashion handbags becoming an increasingly important part of a lady's wardrobe. Of the accessory they are gradually becoming almost the dominant subject. And this winter, when designers do not hesitate to speak of luxury women's clothing, appropriate mood coverage and creators of bags.  

With their selection it is necessary to take into account a few simple rules. And today we will try to help you orient them. Because that's what bags are iconic elements that indicate the status of women among their own kind. A more bag - it is very often a collectible (because they are so good that it is simply impossible to deny yourself once purchase), of pride, of the image and a necessary thing to work and study.

So, today, first of all, you should pay attention to the size. According to the rules of contemporary fashion guru, too large bags this winter can not be - more and more, more and more. And you can not go wrong in their passions!

Large bags are geometric forms - there is no torbochek and kotomochek. This is either a square or a rectangle (both vertical and horizontal). However, a strict and rigid geometry should still be avoided. An exception can be made only for bags retro patent leather, shaped like suitcases. However, it is quite specific models, which are unlikely to be relevant in the business office. But for leisure or romantic dates this stylish little thing will be most welcome.

As for the "workhorse" of which we tend to reflect first and foremost, it should be comfortable and roomy. This winter, it must have two handles of medium length, so you can wear not only in the hands, but also on his shoulder. But long handle-strap - an item that everyone chooses their own taste.

The second point to which you should pay particular attention to - the material from which made your bag. Fashionable trick of the season - sheepskin. Despite the fact that it is not very practical mother to constant use, it is still recommended to think about this choice. In fact, bags made of this material are very comfortable. They are light, soft, stylish, but, unfortunately, rarely survive one season.

But they are successfully combined with fur coats, sheepskin coats and directly, and with the current inflated jackets. Equally successful combination thereof with any clothing made of denim, tweed, wool, with knitted things. That's just for the evening dress you in any case have to choose something else.

In its own universal remain this season bags reptile skin (or skin texture "reptile"). In such an embodiment may be as bulk creation designers, who will intervene five kilograms of the most useful things, including laptop and tiny evening bags with gold trim.

Here are just depending on the purpose bags with "amphibious" origin there is a strict hierarchy of color, if it is for pleasure, the permissible delights any color palette - red from Celine, orange from DSquared2, pink from Emilio Pucci, lilac by Gucci. If it's strictly business bag, it is recommended only restrained shades - black, dark brown, dark gray, as an exception, you can pick up a very dark wine

Actually, we should not forget that the black bag is universal, whatever it was in shape, size and texture of the material used. So if you are in doubt because of the wealth of choice, choose a black bag - not lose. The more so because this color is perfectly combined with the current in the current fashion season finish with metal details - buckles, chains, rivets.

It is believed that this is the legacy of British fashion seventies, when I first started talking about punk trends. And today, they still resonate successfully with gothic motifs and enthusiastically style rider. And there, and there on the rough skin of metal rivets to create a drawing. At Moschino is sentimental bows, at Prada transition from large round rivets melenko to have Louis Vuitton smooth geometrically adjusted lines of different widths.

If for you it seems too brutal and totally unfeminine, you should pay attention to another current trend for bags fashion - the use of soft leather with shaped stitching. These bags look like a sort of miniature Quilted and designed more for young girls with romantic views of life, independent and cheerful.

And it does look like toy bags, pieces of fur - a sort of teddy bear from childhood, in the depths of which hides our favorite notebooks, mobile phones and other business stuff. These bags can be entirely made of expensive fur (eg mink color of chocolate from Tod's or black scrawl of YSL) or a combination of leather and fur, sheepskin and fur, tweed and fur.

And finally - the tidbit. For those who are tired of minimalism and austerity of manners, perfect baroque motifs that match all of the revived luxury this winter. As a result, today is permissible even business bags decorated with embroidery, monograms, beads, sequins, gold-embossed, sculpted buckles, brocade inserts.


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