Denim Jeans in 2011

Denim Jeans in 2011
 Every year brings changes to the original design and style to any clothing, including jeans. Jeans 2011 - a fashionable and beautiful jeans, with a predominance of decorative embroidery and satin appliques. In order to follow the latest fashion trends in the selection of jeans, you need to follow some expert advice.

To date, rarely seen classic jeans, perhaps with the exception of men. On classical jeans this year resemble a semi-circular pockets in front and behind the pentagonal shape.

Savory features jeans in 2011: the presence of fashion embroidery, rivets, small satin appliques, rhinestones. For example, the embroidery is done with the use of silk, corresponding in color jeans or by using metallic threads: gold, bronze, silver. Rivets and rhinestones are used to decorate the seams and edges of parts. And also perfectly complement the picture of the ornament in the hips and back pockets.

Most fashion jeans 2011 come with a wide belt, which reach heights of eight centimeters. Belts have elasticity because of the cross-linked material containing rubber thread, whereby jeans ideally lie on the figure. No less fashionable to be this season and belts woven leather and suede. Moreover, as belts decorated with rhinestones, various metal accessories, rivets.

The most popular color jeans 2011 - dark blue and black, worn with vertical stripes front and back.

With regard to style designers preferred the narrow top to bottom jeans that perfectly fitting shape. You can also find a little flared.

And with regard to the waist, it was mostly fans of jeans offers original high-waisted jeans. There are jeans with low waist, but not so low as in previous seasons.

On the catwalks are also presented ripped jeans, but they are not as relevant in recent years.

Exquisite complement jeans 2011 are high-heeled boots!

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