Cashmere: trendy chic

 Among the many cashmere knitted fabrics is considered to be very soft and, therefore, the most expensive. The name of this fabric comes from the name of a place where there was cashmere - Kashmir (Kashmir), one of the northern Indian states. Cashmere wool sheared from goats that live in the region of Kashmir. In addition, special "cashmere" goats and specially grown in Mongolia, Iran, China and Tibet.  


In the recent past the world market production of cashmere and left American breeders. Luxurious cashmere sweater will be an excellent demonstration of your style. Learn the secrets of proper care for cashmere sweaters. Our advice will tell you how to wear clothes made of cashmere in style!

The main reason for the high cost of the yarn is that "cashmere" goats live in one of the coldest parts of the world, and a light sweater yarn warm people all over the planet, avoiding unnecessary clutter warm clothes. Cashmere sweater protects and warms better than any other clothing from wool. Yarn made of goat hair greasy, very thin, and the nodes that are used for breeding sweaters, barely noticeable and are very close to each other. Creating a cashmere sweater - a very laborious process that requires skill and patience, which explains the high cost of these items of clothing.

Cashmere goats in sheared from moulting. For this machine or scissors sheared undercoat. The finest wool obtained from the lower abdomen and neck goats and long fibers sostrizhennye with these sites, make wool especially soft and prevent pilling (rolling on the surface of the fiber sweaters). In fact, for hair growth sufficient to bind a sweater, it takes at least four years. Natural colors of cashmere wool - white, gray and brown. Despite the fact that the coat can be colored in any color, it is desirable to retain the natural color of cashmere, since in this case it is subjected to a minimum of chemical processing and remains soft and light.

Buying cashmere sweaters

Cashmere - synonymous with softness and luxury. And silkiness of cashmere sweaters weightlessness makes them compulsory subject wardrobe of any self-respecting fashionista and mod. The highest quality cashmere and incomparable to anything caressing touch of the softest material makes us buy more and more stuff from cashmere wool. However, for the pleasure you will have to pay a considerable amount. When buying cashmere sweaters check its quality. To do this, drag the sides of the sweater. Qualitative thing take its original shape.

It is also important to check the quality of the material to the touch. If the coat is rough and tough, low quality cashmere. Softer than wool, the higher the quality of cashmere. Two-strand single-stranded binding relatively coarse, but fairly light and supple. Do not rush to buy cheap cashmere things - observed that for pure cashmere often give a mixture of sheep's wool. Do not fall for this trick!

Caring for cashmere sweaters

Most things can be made of cashmere perfectly normal amenable hand washing. In principle, only softens laundry cashmere wool, since this yarn is bleached. Be sure to use only detergents designed for washing delicate things. Fill a bowl or other container for washing with warm or cold water, depending on the instructions on the label sweaters, and add the recommended amount of detergent. Cashmere sweater should be soaked for 20 minutes in warm water and detergent, and then gently squeeze. And replace the water to rinse the sweater until the water remains clear.

Lightly press the sweater and put it on a clean, dry bath towel. Roll the towel over sweaters and press it with his hands, so that the towel has absorbed excess moisture. Remove the towel and fold a sweater so that it acquired its original shape. Spread on a new cashmere sweater dry towel and leave it to dry. With proper care this sweater can be worn for life.

- Dry cleaning cashmere. Because cashmere consists of thin delicate fibers, excessive chemical treatment may contribute to premature wear sweaters that much will shorten its life.

- In no case do not remove cashmere sweater after washing - then he probably will lose shape. Avoid using harsh detergents, and do not wash the sweater in cold or hot water.

- Do not dry a sweater in the sun, and do not use for drying any electrical appliances - it contributes to premature wear cashmere fibers.

- To remove lumps from the surface of the fiber sweaters, use a brush.

Cashmere sweater - fashion trend

Designers love cashmere for its exceptional luxury and classic elegance. Cashmere sweater has been for many years remain the favorites of women's fashion. Universal thing any woman's wardrobe - a super-chic cashmere sweater with high collar that can be worn with any bottom, from trousers with a male to print jeans.

Another classic thing of cashmere - sweater with V-neck and twisted pattern under which you can pry the shirt, sweatshirt or tight-fitting T-shirt and worn with pants or jeans. Also recommend to pay attention to the free sweater and cashmere jersey with sewn supportive bra. Bound rubber sweater with V-neck and thin strap makes it visually slimmer silhouette.

Also try on a cashmere cardigan with double collar that can tuck and turn a cardigan sweater with a high collar. Golden zipper and lace complement the style of luxurious elegance. Or another option: buy a cashmere sweater-shirt that can be worn with a cardigan (ideal), or independently. Cashmere sweater polo successfully complement the vest. Sweater-shirt with short sleeves perfectly with jeans or capris.

Cashmere sweater with round neckline perfectly with canvas trousers and jackets made of cotton. Cashmere sweater with crew neck associated elastic band can be worn alone or under a jacket. This top is beneficial complement canvas pants or trousers jersey. Cashmere sweater adds extra gloss of any type - and with crew neck and a V-neck. Cashmere light creates an aura of high fashion and style sought by every woman.

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