Actual summer sandals 2011

Actual summer sandals 2011
 What shoes women often wear summer? The answer is obvious - sandals. Easy open shoes allows the feet to breathe in the heat and looks great. These ladies are beginning to think about buying new sandals in advance, flipping through fashion magazines. What sandals are particularly relevant in 2011?

Today, at the peak of popularity are models with high heels. Sandals with heels make women's legs graceful and sexy, changing proportions of the figure. Legs seem very long, and the figure more slender. Fashionable as a sufficiently thick and stable heel and slim stud. The main thing - the length, the heel should be very high.

Still relevant models with tankette or platform. These shoes are not only practical, but also very convenient, especially in summer, when so want to walk more. Very fashionable decorative trim. This can be beads, crystals, wood beads, bows, hearts and other lovely items.

Very stylish look sandals with a large number of straps and laces, Entangling ankle. Multi-row seat and a decorative ribbon firmly taken its place among the fashionable elements. A large number of cross-shaped weaves, symmetrical or chaotic - that ladies choose the summer of 2011.

As for colors, it is all very simple - the brighter, the better! This season, sandals literally bloom, delighting the eye with all the colors of the rainbow. Very fashionable sandals in small cell (rustic style), striped (marine style), with different prints. Sandals attract attention glitter metal, it can be gold and silver. Despite the tendency to brightness, fashionable and classic colors: black and white.
Leading positions do not pass to the top of natural materials - leather and textiles. For the sole use wood, cork or decorative cords.

Fashion 2011 is very democratic and does not drive women to certain limits. Every fashionista can find for yourself exactly what it needs to select the most suitable model. With such a variety, you can create unique ensembles and feel like a queen.

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