Rattan furniture: Do exotics in the interior?

Rattan furniture: Do exotics in the interior?
 Wicker furniture made of exotic rattan - tropical vines, most recently appeared in Russian stores, but has become quite popular, despite its high price. Rattan is not only used for the manufacture of traditional headsets for cottages and country houses, from or with inserts from rattan mats manufactured and contract furniture - dining and bedroom sets.
 Liana rattan - a natural material, created by nature itself for weaving mats and framing furniture. Their long, flexible, smooth and even trunks are perfect for crafting the most intricate shapes with the minimum number of joints. Rattan combines perfectly with the tree, traditionally used in the production of furniture.

Rattan furniture, despite its apparent fragility, very durable, it long retains its appearance. Plus it is the fact that the weight of large items is small, rattan does not rot, does not deform under the action of water, direct sunlight and heat. Appearance furniture items made of this material is natural and makes you want to touch their hand. This is a natural material, eco-friendly and safe.

Many can confuse the question - do exotics in the interior, but these concerns are groundless. Manufacturing technology and interior furnishings of rattan such that they can be used for different stylistic solutions - from classic suites to beach chairs, tables and sun loungers.

You can choose furniture made using different types of weave or in combination with other materials that will suit any style. True, the ideal solution would be the purchase of multiple items that make up a separate group. This can be a dining table and chairs; sofa, armchairs and coffee table; bed, wardrobe and bedside tables; entrance hall.

Even in minimalist interior looks great and will be original look of rattan table with glass top. This furniture is indispensable when creating designs made in colonial or ethnic style.

Perhaps in rattan furniture has only one drawback: it is very expensive, as is used in the manufacture of manual labor, and raw materials for its selected and sorted and without the use of automation. However, this disadvantage is more than compensated specific aesthetics of rattan furniture and its durability.

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