Interior fusion

Interior fusion
 Is it possible to combine in the interior of seemingly incongruous things? Of course, it is possible, moreover, that this trend even has a name - Fusion (from the English word fusion, which translates as "synthesis, the merger"). In the interior can connect some of the most diverse areas and achieve a unique effect of revealing your creativity.
 By itself, this style involves complete freedom of choice of current trends, the selection of colors that does not conform to generally accepted standards. This flight of fancy, reflecting the character and mood of the owner of the interior, his preferences and wishes.

Fusion, as a trend in interior design, appeared in the 90s of the last century. Home to the US style is considered, as this is where designers first began to experiment with mixing styles. It's so pleasant and architects, and their customers that such interiors became widely popular.

For fusion does not exist certain rules, for example, it is permissible to issue a room in a modern style, but beat his massive antique furniture. Designers describe him as "causing a luxury with a touch of bohemian".

For all its unpredictability requires a subtle fusion of exquisite taste, exceptional vision and skill of the designer, which allows him to see ordinary things in a new light, to break all existing.

Fusion - the three main components: the texture, materials and color. It is permissible to combine bright, flashy colors, such as blue and orange and red, gold, green, black and purple. All that other styles considered bad manners, harmoniously and acceptable. However, select colors wisely, otherwise you risk to make the interior pretentious or clumsy.

Give preference to natural textures: leather, stone, wood, and textiles. From touching appear pleasant.

If you want to design the interior of your apartment fusion, keep in mind that in this space there is no clear horizontal or vertical lines, functional definitions and division into zones. He is best suited for rooms with large area: country houses, penthouses and apartments on several levels.

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