Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui Home
 Ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui is about how a person to live in harmony with the environment. Tips outlined in this theory, help to choose a suitable site for the construction of a country house, and even design a future home.  
 For the basics of feng shui need to turn back when people only think about selecting a site for a future home and look to the terrain. This is considered an ideal plot which is surrounded by the left and right small hills and is located on a slope. However, this place is very difficult to find, so, first of all, you need to look at the shape of the plot. It is best to choose a square or rectangular seat, slightly worse in the energy aspect of the site is in a trapezoid shape, but from the triangular portion should be discarded altogether.

The next step is to select the location of the house. The future of housing to be located closer to the center of the area, but the house needs to be a little more space than the front of the facade. Before the entrance must remain open space. Thus, it will provide free access to energy, which will contribute to success in business and provide good prospects for its development.

The house itself does not have to resemble a fortress, castle or bastion, ie there may be no sharp protruding corners, solid walls and towers, spiers. The house should be a pleasant, beautiful and "friendly" species, only then he will ensure the welfare and well-being of its occupants. Also the home of its architecture should not be, as it were from several parts of the decaying or compositions. According to the theory of Feng Shui in the same way as a house, can disintegrate and family.

Bad if there is a road around the house, she could "strangle" any undertaking home owners. A Pier, passing by the house, will be "cut" his energy. Failure is considered the neighborhood with the hospital, cemetery and military part, and the green park, lake or pond located nearby, will house an excellent energy supply. If the home is worth in a kind of arc, which is formed by turning the street, a place in Feng Shui is called "jade belt". Here, the house will always do a good influx favorable energy.

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