Winter and Christmas decoration at home

Winter and Christmas decoration at home
 Beautiful frosty winters and endless series of events make this time appealing to many people in the middle latitudes. The tradition of decorating the home in the winter originated in ancient times - a special mood covers people on the eve of New Year and Christmas.
 Fill the house comfort and love Christmas decoration elements help - round wreaths, garlands of fir branches, candles in beautiful themed sconces. Produce fir wreath can be yourself - twist plait of thin straw twigs, fix it the right size spruce branches and flowers decorate miniature design, boxes with gifts, bells and Christmas toys. Attach a bright satin ribbon and lock on the door decoration of your home - a festive mood for you and your guests are guaranteed.

Familiar candlesticks will decorate the winter evenings, it is so nice to sit in the shadows, enjoying communication and listening to the quiet murmur of snow outside the window. Candlesticks can decorate a variety of ways - painted, pasted colored paper and tinsel, to put in homemade figurines, etc. "Clothes" you can change the candlestick - New Year it can be decorative Christmas trees with wire frame, at Christmas candlestick base can be tightened bows, other days may be ceramic ornament snowflake, etc.

Christmas decoration at home can be very busy - this is exactly the case when the more decorative elements, the better. Do not be afraid overabundance of scenery - this design will provide the necessary festive atmosphere, will form the mood in the household. In addition to the traditional Christmas tree at home you can arrange a small bouquet of fir paws and dead wood, decorated with small stars and the toys. Make "snow" on the cover of spruce branches simple - put a branch in a strong salt solution for the night and in the morning dry it.

Look beautiful bows of different sizes, which adorn the walls and ceiling, door frames and windows. Christmas classic shades are considered red, green and gold - bows in this color scheme will give housing solemnity.

You can paint the windows sparkling ornaments, snowflakes and other winter attributes. If winter is not too frosty, then this technique will correct the situation, and you can admire the intricate pictures on the corners of windows. Do not deprive yourself of pleasure to breathe a little warmth into your home in the winter cold.

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