Wallpapers for the Queen

Wallpapers for the Queen
 You want to buy wallpaper for the queen? No problem: commercially available collection of elite, exclusive wallpapers of any variety - from paper to silk and leather, capable to decorate the Royal Palace, and your apartment. Choose the wallpaper for your queen!  

Range of wallpaper offers modern industry is so wide that we can choose to put the finishing materials for any purpose, at least for the royal palace. But if you decide to choose wallpaper for the queen, it must be exclusive, luxury wallpaper.

• Textile wallpaper

The room papered with such wallpaper, create the visual effect of the walls, draped fabrics, which gives the room comfort and sophistication. In fact, the thin layer of tissue paper pasted on, and the technology of textile stickers wallpaper the most common.

Fabric textile wallpaper can be used very different, but for the royal apartments, of course, fit only natural: linen, silk, velvet. These wallpapers are often made by hand, and the price they are not small, but what is the effect!

Caring for the elite textile wallpaper - vacuuming or cloth soaked in a special compound. For proper operation of the service life of textile wallcoverings - up to 10 years.

• Vinyl wallpaper

Dear vinyl wallpaper - it's the perfect style and high quality, you can select those for the queen. They are sturdy, durable, easy to care for. They may be subjected to wet and dry cleaning.

• Velour wallpaper

Velour wallpaper completely imitate velvet, but the technology of their production is different than the textile. They are exquisite, attract any opinion, they are quite worthy of the royal palace. In addition to high decoration, this wallpaper have and noise insulation properties. The only drawback - easily subjected to mechanical damage. Care velor wallpaper needs very carefully with a vacuum cleaner or a soft sponge.

• Paper wallpaper

It would seem that paper wallpaper for the queen does not fit. However, modern technology allows the elite wallpaper of paper with a relief pattern, with a special coating increases the service life, but the variety of patterns and can not speak. In addition, paper wallpapers are environmentally friendly wall coverings.

• Non-woven

These wallpaper characterized in that instead of the paper is the basis for their fleece - a nonwoven material of synthetic fibers. Glued them quickly and easily, since only need to smear glue wall. They are excellent camouflage imperfections walls, so if the walls in the royal chambers slightly cracked - non-woven wallpaper save the situation. In terms of decoration elite non-woven wallpaper with an exclusive design will not give any other.

• Wallpaper leather

But the true wallpaper for the queen - a wallpaper from the skin! Expensive, stylish, natural, simple luxury material. Leather wallpapers create a magnificent interior design, while providing heat and sound insulation. And it's nice to touch his hand to the wall, covered with leather wallpaper! Strong and durable, these wallpapers eventually acquire special expressiveness.

The choice is yours - wallpaper for the queen at your service!

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