Visually increase the space of the room

Visually increase the space of the room
 Large apartment with high ceilings, where it is possible to implement any design ideas, there is not everyone, however, furnished small room, it is necessary to go to the trick. If you have a small room, you face the challenge to think its interior so that the room seemed visually spacious.


Remember: light colors enlarge the space, and the dark, on the contrary, visually reduce. Do not abuse the black and brown colors, use in the interior calm pastel colors - blue, light green, beige. At the same time, be careful and do not make room in the hospital room. A few bright parts will be quite appropriate.


The room is not only the area, but also the volume, so a small room can be increased through the ceiling. So that he could look taller, make it lighter than the walls. Another way to increase the height of the ceiling - suspended ceiling to make a glossy reflective surface.


Bright rooms automatically push the boundaries of space of the room, so make an emphasis on natural light. Do not cover the windows with heavy curtains and massive, it is better to use light fabric or lace curtains.

Discard the center of a massive chandelier, preferring point downlights, placing them around the room.


Large items and a large number of unnecessary trinkets severely limit the space of a small room. Remove unnecessary items and you will immediately notice how visually expand the room.


Buy compact furniture that can be easily folded or transform. So, from the sofa can be done sleeper, dining table transformer in one motion turned into a work surface.

Observe balance: do not use high and low furniture in the same space. Instead of chairs with high backs give preference to low ottoman or stool. The main thing - to create a sense of space and lightness.

Set your furniture around the room, otherwise, if you put the furniture in the center of the room, it can divide an already small space apart.

Storage cabinets more suitable vertical than horizontal. Make the space more deeply help built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors.

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