The interior in the Gothic style

The interior in the Gothic style
 Gothic style originated in Europe in the beginning of the XIII century. As well as other artistic styles, it has its own characteristics and traits that are clearly visible in the architecture and interior decoration of buildings of medieval Europe. But many of them can be found in the interior of modern apartment.
 Gothic style is distinguished, above all, spacious light-filled room. High vaulted ceilings, internal arches and huge windows with natural light streaming, creates a feeling of a large interior space and ease.

Furniture in the interior is high, with heavy support structures: double-wing cabinets, cupboards, massive beds, chairs, tables and chairs with high backs, the contours of which are repeated architectural details of buildings of the medieval era. Decorated with a variety of furniture carved wood ornaments and colorful stained glass. Great importance was attached to the interior of the trunk, which could be used as a bench, table or even bed. A special place in the Gothic interior is a large, often occupying an entire wall, fireplace.

In interior design, only natural materials: wood, stone, iron, bronze. For the walls, various types of stone from the rubble to natural marble or panels made of pine, fir, walnut, cedar, juniper. Part of the walls can be curtained tapestries or paintings depicting saints or scenes from the holy scriptures. Floors usually have tiled mosaic.

The color scheme of the interior in the Gothic style consists of dark shades. The traditional colors are: green, black, deep red, burgundy, gray, beige and purple. Be sure there are silver and golden color.

Unique and iconic part of the Gothic style are huge stained glass windows in the lead frame. Light passing through the colored glass of the windows, becomes saturated with lots of warm colors that brightens up a bit gloomy color palette of the Gothic style. Curtains on the windows either do not exist or are heavy velvet curtains.

Also, in the Gothic style is characterized by forged metal candle holders, spiral staircases, curly colored moldings, mirrors in heavy frames. And the walls in those days usually decorated with weapons and different attributes of heraldry.

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