Sticking wallpaper: how to avoid mistakes

Sticking wallpaper: how to avoid mistakes
 At first glance, Wallpapering - a simple process, but get down to business, you face many unforeseen situations and make mistakes, because of which svezhepokleennye wallpaper can peel off the next day. To the wallpaper on the walls of your apartment looked nice and firmly, to avoid the most common mistakes.  

To get started you will need to determine the type of wallpaper, and if they are thick, stick them back to back, so as not to be visible junction, and if thin wallpaper, glue the overlapping them.

The first mistakes happen before gluing process itself - when cut. In no case can not be cut wallpaper on the drawing, because it is necessary to keep track. If suddenly roll ends on the spot pattern, then take the next one. Pre-calculate the required length of the piece and leave the excess length of 5-8 cm, as when dry wallpaper can be shortened. After determining the correct length and cut pieces of newspaper cover to their front side missed the glue.

Until you solve the problem with wallpaper, your assistant (as wallpaper glue can not be alone) should properly prepare the walls: to break the remnants of old wallpaper, and cracks with putty. It is important to wait until the wall is dry.

When the wallpaper and wall fully prepared, proceed directly to the glueing. Spread the adhesive strip and let it soak well, but be careful: if it's too long to wait, the wallpaper can be stretched. And if you glue is not very good quality, then you can lightly oil them walls, so you will increase the percentage of strength.

In order to lay down exactly wallpaper on the wall, stand on a ladder and lift the smeared band to the ceiling, and your assistant should hold it and control the angle of the bottom overlay. After that, smooth wallpaper, but not a mistake: you need to press the center to the edges, and not vice versa.

Pay special attention to glueing places around outlets and switches. To avoid difficulties better time to take them on and, if possible turn off the electricity. In the strip of wallpaper cut the necessary holes, but after gluing. When pasting the walls near the battery it is best to make a vertical incision is made exactly opposite the tube, but in this case it will be virtually invisible.

And the most important piece of advice: do not rush. Wallpapering not tolerate. Do everything correctly and safely, while the wallpaper on your walls will look great.

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