Psihodizayn: Interior of Science

Psihodizayn: Interior of Science
 The notion of "individual housing" has become the literal meaning with the advent of a new trend in interior design, architectural and landscape forms, adapted to the particular person - psihodizayna. It takes into account the psychological characteristics and needs of the individual or group of people who will be living in the interior. Psihodizayn - interior Science able to influence the mood and feeling of the individual, family, group.
 Psychological design embodies a holistic approach to the arrangement of the living space of each individual. The space is inseparable from the personality of its preferences. It is able to stimulate, set on success, activate or pacify, to trouble shoot. In fact it is the material embodiment of human perception of the world, based on evidence-based information about it. This technique combines the principles of design and psychology.

This method is based on the use of Eastern and Western traditions and geomantic calculations that take into account a number of factors that can have an impact on the human condition. These factors, for example, is the effect of the electromagnetic field of the Earth, the energy landscape and torsion fields, Feng Shui tradition, traditional methods of working with volume and color, ways of cleansing and healing space, eco-design.

Preliminary consultations conducted psihodizaynerom with a potential customer, allow it to develop personalized recommendations. They are accounted for at the various stages of construction and repair, interior furnishing and allow to strengthen and optimize the beneficial effects and to neutralize the negative impact on the elements of the interior and the internal state of well-being.

This scientific approach to organization of living space, allows for maximum comfort man. Optimal living climate is created through a combination of several parameters of the psychological, social, mental, physical and economic type.

As researchers found, the human lifespan by 60-70% depending on the environment: water quality, air, light levels. Another 7-10% give comfort to the existence of temperature. The remaining 5-10% depending on how harmoniously feels people in the surrounding living space. Using the principles psihodizayna will enhance a subjective comfortable condition and prolong the life of another 5-10 years. Of course, from such a perspective few can refuse.

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