Plants for vertical gardening

Plants for vertical gardening
 Gazebo, pergola, arch, fence or wall, you can decorate the house with the help of vines or ample plants. This will give vertical surfaces a special flavor and attractive appearance, make the garden is especially picturesque and cozy.


Healing and incredibly beautiful perennial plant forming woody curly shoots up to three meters and even more. Its stems and leaves have a pleasant lemon scent. Produces a lot of shoots, which must be periodically removed or used for breeding lemongrass. For good growth and fruiting it needs nourishing the soil and regular watering.

Povoy (kalistegiya)

This is a perennial rhizome plant with curly shoots, very beautiful leaves and large white flowers with a wide-open corolla. Also, there are also forms with light pink double flowers with a diameter of up to eight centimeters. The plant is propagated by rhizome pieces.

Bittersweet nightshade

The plant forms of shrubs climbing shoots up to two meters. Blooms beautiful purple flowers, but it looks particularly attractive ruby ​​color berries that hang on the plant for a long time. Nightshade and propagated seedlings, and seeds.


This climbing shrub with remarkable small and large flowers of various shades from white to deep purple. For good growth and flowering plants need fertile soil, so the planting hole prepared for it in advance: there make a mixture of fertile garden soil, compost, wood ash, coarse sand, dolomite and complex mineral fertilizers

Morning Glory

Annual climbing plant with blue and blue flowers that turn pink when withering. Morning glory blooms profusely and continuously. Plants need support in the form of a coarse mesh or vertically stretched filaments.

Decorative beans (beans Turkish)

As morning glory, is an annual plant. The flowers are bright red beans, it blooms profusely. Her curly shoots reach a length of three to four meters.


Annual plant with stems, clinging tendrils. Blossoms are small, yellowish, inconspicuous, but incredibly fragrant flowers. Has a very original fruits, like little hedgehogs. Due to the shape of its fruit plant got its name, which translates from Latin sounds like "echinoid bump." Propagated by seeds and gives a lot of self-seeding.

Decorative pumpkin

Different from ordinary pumpkins grown in the garden, smaller leaves and by small, diverse in form and color fruits.

Forms for vertical gardening can be listed for a long time, but whatever you choose, it is very beautify your home and garden.

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