New Year: a fabulous house

New Year: a fabulous house
 Very little time is left, when you say "goodbye" to the old year and "hello" to the new year. It seems that there is still plenty of time, and, meanwhile, the days run fast. In a festive night of the New Year I want to visit a fairy tale. Not all succeed, but their desire to perform at least a little, decorate your house accordingly.
 Start Decorating your home with the acquisition of a Christmas tree. Of course, an artificial Christmas tree will not give you a large amount of trouble, but you also do not smell feel. It's best to buy a live Christmas tree. That it pleased you longer, make it a special feeding, which may consist, for example, one tablet of aspirin, a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of sugar. Do not forget to dress up your forest guest. Here is all depends on your imagination. If you decide to do without festive night Christmas trees, you can decorate the apartment branches, and even better to make Christmas wreaths. Christmas tree can still be done from the tinsel. For this cheat it on the wire and attach the desired shape.

Artificial snow in the apartment even more lift your holiday mood. And it is quite simple. Spruce twig dip in a strong salt solution (hot), leave at night and in the morning dried. Here you have the snow.

Lighted candles on New Year's table will bring to your home the warmth, love and comfort. There may be one or several. Looks nice if candles are behind a glass cabinet doors, especially if it has the rear wall mirror (in this case, make sure that the candles were short, but was not near flammable objects). If you have one, but most of the candle, it is possible to entwine her silver rain, set on a saucer and place near a small Christmas decorations.

Jewelry that comes from childhood, snow is made of cotton. Try it hang throughout the apartment, and see what you like in a fairy tale fall. Around snow and such beauty! - Tree in the corner, in the middle of the room a table on which a candle burns, lots of Christmas wreaths, and next to you the most expensive and close friends. Is not it wonderful?

Nothing to spoil your holiday, observe fire safety rules. Do not leave candles unattended. If you leave the room, extinguish them.

Well, now look around. Similar to your apartment at a fabulous house? True, something is missing. What kind of New Year without the flavor of oranges, tangerines and other odors that from year to year, ie from the very childhood, accompany us in these days of December and January. New Year - a holiday tales, memories, love and hope.

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