Landscape in the Chinese style

Landscape in the Chinese style
 Chinese landscape style is popular and in demand, but it is important to remember that it is very difficult to implement. Making land in this style, it is necessary not only to learn its basic features, but also to be able to feel the ancient philosophy, without which the design will be dead and meaningless.
 Landscape design in the Chinese style is characterized primarily harmony. The Chinese in ancient times realized that we needed to live in peace with nature and to be able to listen to her, to take her wisdom. Your garden should be a harmonious combination of the five elements allocated in Taoism. We are talking about water, fire, earth, metal and wood.

Note that for landscape design in the Chinese style is really needed is a spacious plot. The fact that it is likely to be placed artificial ponds, pavilions, mini-gardens, heaps of stones and many other decorative items. In a small area is very difficult to use all the necessary details to the same after making sure it will look a bit ridiculous.

Making out garden in the Chinese style, think about where you will be positioned water. An interesting option - a circular lake with a small plot of land in the middle. On this site a gazebo, which leads to the bridge, made of stone or wood. You can also set the similarity fountains, artificial streams, mini waterfalls and so on. It is important to ensure that each water element fits harmoniously into the overall composition.

The next step - the choice of plants. Ideally, you should consult a specialist to find plants that will meet the Chinese style and at the same time easily withstand the climate of the region in which you live. Anyway, no random flower, shrub or tree of the garden should not be. Prefer happy with the point of view of Chinese culture plants. This, in particular, the peach, bamboo, pine, rose, lotus, peony, chrysanthemum, plum, poplar, weeping willow, aster.

The garden should be harmonious, causing pleasant emotions, suitable for walking and meditation. His foundation - the natural elements, so do not use when you make a plot in the Chinese style, materials such as plastics, synthetic fibers and so forth. And remember that in the spacious gardens have to be some private place where you can relax or dream, feeling complete harmony with nature.

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