Kitchen USA: American pancakes

Kitchen USA: American pancakes
 At the word "pancakes" may have different associations. For some it is abundantly watered pile of sour cream or butter delicious thin circles of dough, openwork and weightless, which are full house during Shrovetide. And someone will come to mind the image of American films, where breakfast often consists of dense, tidy, served with maple syrup pancakes. To prepare them, you need to know about some of the subtleties.  

Pancake or American pancakes, will delight all those who fear for their culinary skills. Cope with their preparation and beginners can hostess. This delicious treat is rather popular in the United States. If you want to recreate a true American meal, look in stores maple syrup - it allows to more fully experience the new taste familiar from childhood product. In America, even often offer several options for maple syrup, not to mention other supplements.

To get a fluffy pile of plump 20 Pancake, you need a minimum of ingredients and time. Of course, no one can not bake pancakes without flour. Do not forget that the dough should not be too viscous, so it is not necessary to add the recommended amount all at once - a pound. You may need to slightly less or more.

In addition, useful for the preparation of 3 eggs, 0, 5 liters of cream 10% -zhirnosti (this is important, and if they are in your culinary sector is not available, try to use the most fat milk - this is one of the main differences between traditional pancakes and American) and powdered sugar (about 4-5 teaspoons) and baking powder (3 teaspoons). For more flavor, you can add cinnamon.

The first in the list, you'll need the eggs. They need to break into the large bowl and whip cream. If possible, it is better to use a mixer - it will allow to achieve maximum lightness, because your pancakes have become very lush! Adding a mixture of all dry ingredients, the dough whisk again. If you overdid it with flour, it is not terrible, the situation is easily corrected with additional cream. Should serve as a guideline consistency test - the right mix for American pancakes resembles thick cream (although, of course, not a village in which spoon stands literally).

Now you can relax and leave the dough to rest for an hour. It remains the most exciting - hot. Gathering his strength, heat the pan and brush with butter. Once again, stir fried dough and send the first batch of your future handsome. Do not forget that next should be a place for them to quietly increased in volume. The fact that it is time to turn, you will be told the bubbles on the surface of the dough.

To the cooking process was successfully completed, it remains the most difficult - patiently dogotovit your American pancakes to the end, not giving yourself and your family to eat ahead of time!

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