Interior African style - exotic and practical

Interior African style - exotic and practical
 African interior significantly stands out among the other ethnic styles. It reign all shades of brick, orange and yellow - the primary colors of hot Africa. The materials preference is given to the clay, stone, bamboo and wood. This style prefer the energetic nature.

African interior color, mysterious and exotic. His leitmotif is the natural and naturalness. For afrostilya characterized by a strong, solid furniture handcrafted wood. It can be decorated with elements of metal in the style of art forging and be completely wicker or soft, upholstered in leather or fabric, coloring simulating animal skins, such as zebras. However, the furniture should not be too much, not to create a sense of chaos.

Wallpaper is better not to glue the walls simply paint in the colors of burnt orange or mustard. This will give the room a feeling of comfort and warmth of an exotic even in the winter cold. They can cause savanna landscapes or scenes from the animal kingdom, as well as hang pictures or photos with an African theme.

On the floor is parquet look excellent, but it is necessary for greater naturalness should be unvarnished. Carpet made of wool with the southern motifs or mats imitating animal skins, will give a more distinct feeling the hot breath of Africa.

Textiles in the interior should not be much. Curtain is better to choose from viscose, linen or cotton with floral and floral ornaments, figurines of wild animals. Instead, they allowed to use latticed shutters of teak. Covers for cushions and blankets can imitate their coloring animal skins. For lamp shades and panels fit cotton leopard print.

The main decor afrostilya are exotic statues, stone vases, figures of animals made of wood, ivory, bronze, copper. They fill the interior of "hot air" of the southern continent. However much they make the room not worth it, because it is quite powerful in its plastic African sculpture in large numbers will act oppressively. Live potted palms create an atmosphere of naturalness. African interior can be implemented completely in any part of the house, from the toilet and ending with the kitchen.

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