How to repot houseplants

How to repot houseplants
 For each flower growing sooner or later there comes a time when it is growing in an old pot and starts to need changing habitat conditions. To plant felt good during transplantation need to follow certain rules.
 Before you repot houseplants need to buy new pots and suitable soil. In the flower shops can often see the universal soil, suitable for all indoor plants that facilitates the process of transplanting. However, it is best to acquire land for each plant individually, because its composition is most adapted to the requirements of a flower.

Often the question arises as to why you can not take the usual flowers garden soil and not to spend money on the purchase of the ground. The answer is quite simple: it may contain insects can rapidly destroy the plant. A calcined such land in the oven - employment for a long and time-consuming.

The new pot should not be too large. Check size can be quite simple: an old pot should be placed freely in the new one. The distance between the walls in this case is less than a centimeter. If you put a flower in a pot too spacious, the plant will begin to actively develop the root system rather than to grow or blossom.

Do not touch the plants during flowering or preparation for it, changing the soil in this period may lead to the dropping of the buds. Planned transplant grown plants engaged in the spring. Recommended for each plant-life, some require an annual expansion of the pot, while others feel good on a permanent place for several years. Some growers use special days for transplanting potted plants recommended by the lunar calendar. It is believed that in this case the plant is easier to acclimate to the new environment.

At the bottom of the pot is poured drainage, which will provide sufficient ventilation of the root system. The thickness of drainage must be at least 1, 5-2 cm. Then, from the old pot gently remove the flower. More convenient when transplanting potted plants carried together. In this case, one person holds the ground part of the plant, and the second releases the root system.

Once the plant is removed, carefully inspect the root system. Damaged roots must be removed. The plants are then placed in a new pot and filled with earth. All the roots should be sprinkled. Top soil lightly trampled hands, well watered. If after that the soil slightly subsided, the pot add the missing ground. After the transplant plant tolerates stress, so for the next month he was not fed.

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