How can I save on repairs

How can I save on repairs
 If tired old furnishings, want new colors and emotions, then it's time to make repairs in the apartment. But, unfortunately, at the mention of repair, once there is a financial aspect of the issue. How to reduce the cost of repairs and save on construction and supplies?

To begin to prepare. Discuss with close relatives and her husband, that you can do yourself. Tear off wallpaper, remove the old flooring and skirting - all under the power to make themselves without hiring the workers. It is clear that this work will take your time, but reduce the cost of repair of approximately 15 percent. Just yourself, you can perform other repairs that do not require special skills. In this case, you also save considerably.

Create a budget. Estimates should take into account all costs absolutely rule out the possibility of any unplanned expenses. This will help keep track of costs and not to go beyond the budget for repairs. Estimates, of course, would be better with a specialist. You can use the services of construction companies.

Be sure to sign a contract with a team of builders that will make repair in your apartment. The Treaty will help you not left with nothing if the repair would substandard. Turning to the construction firm or company for repair, you'll be sure to enter into a contract a contract. But if you hire a team of visitors, and in this case, do not be lazy to conclude an agreement with the workers. It is clear that this service is worth a lot, but the end result of such a document as a contractual agreement, will save you a lot of nerves and possibly money that will have to invest in a mess repair. If you have on hand will be a contract, you will be able to require the workers to correct deficiencies at its own expense, or force them to compensate for the shortcomings of money.

If possible, try to buy building materials themselves. It is possible that with the purchase of building materials you will need to be guided by the advice of a specialist, do not give up this opportunity. It is likely that a specialist for such work will take a percentage, but the choice of high-quality materials in the future will save your nerves and money. Trusting the choice of materials to builders, you risk to get to the money. Repairers are not interested to spend their time on the choice of materials, perfect in the sense of value for money, and you are interested.

If possible, try as often as possible to monitor the work of the builders. In this case, you will always be able to determine whether the work carried out by the builders of the estimate and schedule, as well as your design ideas. Another advantage of this control is that the careless and dishonest builders will not risk in terms of theft of your materials.

Be careful and vigilant, plan everything in advance and get. Then you will not have problems with the financial issues in the repair of your apartment and conflicts with workers.

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