Garden fusion

Garden fusion
 "Fusion" is translated to English means "fusion" or "union". Today, this style is most relevant in landscape design, and opening space for imagination gives endless possibilities to merge different styles and eras in the design of space.
 This trend in landscape design allows you to connect the unconnected: East and West, old and new, art and kitsch. This alloy suggests creative solutions and allows you to make a garden eclectic and unique.

Fusion or merger and interweaving of different eras and areas was characteristic of horticultural always. In Russia, since the time of Peter, to create each landscape ensemble comes up with its own version of the mixing elements of European styles: English, French and Italian.

Characteristic of the French regular style "live" mazes and ponds ideal form, neatly trimmed shrubs and lawns side by side with beautifully overgrown paths and ivy fence - direction of the English species in landscape design. Dynamics of landscape gardening compositions gave cascades, stairs, ledges descending terraces - featuring Italian style.

Today fading traditional orchards, and are replaced by mosaic stylization individual parts and parts of the landscape. Apple harmoniously with bonsai pine trees, "medieval" roses entwined forged lattice are in close proximity to the manicured lawns, and the Japanese tea houses decorated with vases of flowers, reminiscent of the French Baroque garden.

Flower gardens and flowerbeds fusion like colorful collages and combine precious plants with wild flowers and grasses.

The unifying element in the design of the garden can be hedges of currant bushes, gooseberries, rhododendron or decorative stones chosen to trim paths, flower beds and arbors.

Fusion suggests room for imagination and experimentation. The main thing - to garden fully reflect the personality of the owner.

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