Eco-style in the interior

Eco-style in the interior
 Eco-style is a trend in the design of the home, implying the unity of man and nature live in harmony with the environment. In recent years, the style is very in demand, as a person needs solitude and rest from the noise, frantic pace of modern life.
 The very concept of direction involves maximally close to nature - the use of natural materials, natural colors, elements of the plant world. Wooden furniture, inserts made of glass, stone countertops, textiles made from natural fibers - eco-style is considered one of the most expensive in the interior. Of the preferred color scheme is to use all the shades of green (association with grass, leaves and plants), beige (trees and earth), blue color scheme (sky, water). In these shades automatically start to feel a part of nature, to strive to be in harmony with yourself and others.

Decorative elements in the interior, designed in an eco-style, characterized by simplicity of form and design - you will not see here intricate and whimsical patterns, a riot of colors and artificial reliefs. Ceramic flower vase decorated minimally, often it's just plain jars and vessels. Pots for indoor plants are made of clay, they are massive and solid. Utensils made of wood or ceramics recalls village cups, bowls and mugs. In combination with wicker furniture and wooden floors, mats made of natural materials and upholstery look very harmoniously, perfectly consistent with the principles of registration.

Eco-style is not overloaded with accessories, everything in it is subordinated to a single goal - to feel part of nature, get rid of all artificial and unnatural. Style is good for any room in the house, regardless of its functionality. Kitchen with furniture of natural color and pottery, carefully selected technology that minimizes adverse effects on the environment, nice looking colors - taking food in that environment, involuntarily feel safe. Natural style in the bathroom with imitation stones, limestone, and the use of specially treated wood, will relax and enjoy your holiday. In the bedroom, you can create a real forest glade - carpet, pictures on the walls and ceilings, fresh flowers and huge windows will carry you where you can or think about nothing.

Do not limit your imagination fly and do not skimp on materials - your costs will be repaid with interest.

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