Dressing Room - a room for clothes

Dressing Room - a room for clothes
 Today bulky cabinets, cabinets and chests of drawers are in the past. Their replaces dressing room, which was undeservedly forgotten. In the modern sense of dressing room - a room for clothes. This can be a convenient room in which you store your belongings: shirts, dresses, suits and more.
 Trends in interior fashion suggest conciseness, simplicity and functionality premises. If you have decided to release in their home storage space for clothes, you should get rid of excess clutter furniture. How would it sound paradoxical, but dressing save space and help save space in the house. In a typical small apartment you will be able to gain a spacious wardrobe.

Many believe that to create a dressing room is only possible in a big house. However, if you work on an individual project, you can arrange a dressing room, even in a small area. Now there are many different technologies and materials that help designers and architects to carry out any projects. The term "dressing room" may be hiding a large closet, where you can walk, pick up clothes and shoes, ironed linens, to admire his reflection in the mirror and just give myself up. Prerequisite - in the dressing room should be of sufficient power lighting and perfect order, based primarily on a rational and thoughtful position shelves.

In modern layout even supposed to not one, but several dressing rooms. For the female half, for men and for children. If you can dedicate to the dressing room the whole room, then the options are almost limitless its reconstruction. If the apartment is not enough space, you can do the minimum redevelopment. In this case, it is best to position the dressing room any place or formed corner apartment.

If you are unable to expand wardrobe to the size of the whole room, the minimum sufficient size wardrobe should be about 4 square meters. To do this, select a part of the hallway and closet. Sometimes for this purpose cut off a small portion of the living room or bedroom, permitting layout. A good option - to try to convert the dressing room fitted wardrobes. In the children can be raised bed baby (about 175-180 cm), and under it to equip a dressing room.

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