Color your home: Tips for decorating

Color your home: Tips for decorating
 Room design and colors should look harmoniously. And the selection of color program - a serious matter, since the choice of the right color, is undoubtedly one of the main tasks of interior designer.

When choosing a new color or wallpaper, for example, upholstery, it is worth remembering that the look of the room will change dramatically. It is known that each color combinations (and each color separately) has a role in the environment. That is why the colors are the basis of interior design.

Choosing a color palette, pay special attention to your feelings caused by this or that combination of colors. Colors should soothe rather than irritate. You must decide to start, how you want to see the result. And then you can proceed directly to the selection of certain colors.

Color, as is known, there are warm and cold. Coldest - blue and the warmest - orange. The first, of course, is associated with water or cool, and the second - with the heat and the sun. In the color wheel, you can watch a smooth transition from one color to another. The amount of pigment that dominate the color depends on to what extent it is cold or warm. It is a game of cold and warm colors allows you to create a variety of design ideas. To visually expand the room suitable cold and bright colors. And if the room to do more compact, then get help from warm shades. Warm colors can add to the interior light and heat, and cold - calm and cool.

For each room must be your color scheme. Warm shades, for example, can increase the appetite, so fit when decorating dining rooms and kitchens. If you are a supporter of any diet, the blue color will help to control myself.

The bedroom is a place for daily rest, so there need to be guided by other principles of color matching. It is best to use cold tones to fall asleep faster and gain strength. Some believe that the people charged with energy, give them strength and promote good rest helps shades of red. Colors around in no case should not annoy you and charge only positive energy.

Red goes well with purple and pink, or yellow and orange, or pink and orange. Light yellow - yellow and orange, or yellow and green, or green and light green. Turquoise - blue and green, and violet - blue and purple.

Some people believe that the surrounding colors do not play any role. But it is not. From receptors signal goes directly into the brain, "producing" certain associations with flowers. Therefore, they should always pay attention.

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