Wicker furniture in a city apartment

Wicker furniture in a city apartment
 Wicker furniture is used by man since ancient times. Rush, rattan, willow, eco-friendly, lightweight, practical, beautiful and fit well into the interior of the modern city apartments.
 In the manufacture of modern furniture widely used synthetic materials, solid wood, glass, leather and metal. However, the principle of sustainability for many consumers is paramount. That is why wicker furniture is a lot of love.

The most popular kind of wicker furniture - rattan, rattan shoots lianoobraznyh. She came to Europe from South-East Asia through the first colonists, who appreciated its convenience and resistance to moisture. Rattan not only look elegant, but also have a minimum of joints, which ensures their strength and durability. This delicate furniture brings to the interior of a city apartment element of exoticism, making it a stylish and exclusive.

In addition to traditional chairs and rocking chairs, rattan furniture produced for the bedroom and living room. Sofas and chairs rattan often fitted with soft pillows and covered with natural materials - leather, fabrics of linen or cotton. This finish not only makes the furniture more comfortable, but also helps to better fit it into the interior of a city apartment. In addition, if you want you can buy rattan stands for flowers, planters, flower boxes, coffee tables, bookcases, screens and other decorative elements.

Willow-like material is less durable and decorative than rattan. Its often used for the production of medium-sized furniture and household items - baskets, boxes, chairs, chests and cradles. From lake reeds and weave small items - vases, rugs, pots, etc.

Caring for wicker furniture is simple - it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth. And remove the dust from hard to reach places, you can use a vacuum cleaner. To wicker furniture longer retained its appearance, it must be treated with a special compound for polished surfaces.

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