Vintage: your individuality in the interior

Vintage: your individuality in the interior
 To design the interior in the vintage style, just enough room to beat the old things. Not every piece of 20-year-old, for example, history, refers to this style. It is necessary that the vintage has an individual thing and expresses the main tendencies of the age to which the.
 Vintage items will be considered issued 20 years ago and earlier. They can be found in antique shops, and more often than real vintage is worth a lot. You can also look for furniture and interior accessories at flea markets. To buy them, it is important to understand the symptoms of a particular period of time - just an old dresser or bed will not fit, you need to thing it was associated with his time.

Bought at flea markets, things are often in need of restoration. After all, the thing should look like the old one, but be strong and functional. If you are not sure that qualitatively cope with the problem on its own, contact a professional restorer.

It is not enough just to find vintage furniture and decor items, unsuited things need to be well located within the same room. The interior in the vintage style has common features, no matter what year you want to recreate in the apartment.

Since the furniture and accessories in vintage style pretty bright and expressive, neutral walls are made. Usually this wallpaper with fine floral patterns or large print, but pale shades. Total on the wallpaper can be no more than three colors, they often razbelennye - pastel. Suit and plain wallpaper or "liquid" - as they are applied plaster and create the effect of surface texture. Usually used in vintage interior blue, lavender, camel, caramel shades.

On the floor lay natural materials. It may be deliberately rough planks, painted in a bright color or transparent coated parquet lacquer. It is also possible to use the floorboard. Appropriate in vintage interior carpets and rugs used with a bright pattern. The main thing - to make sure that pattern combined with upholstered furniture and wall color.

Vintage furniture can be very simple, such as wood, with the effect of the erased ink or crackle. Along with such objects can be used and upholstered furniture with elegant rounded backs and curved legs, upholstered in satin, velvet or silk, deep colors, with embroidery or printing. Patina of antiquity give forged parts of furniture - they are covered with a patina, gold or silver paint.

 Complete the look of the room, you can use gadgets and recreate the atmosphere of the selected time. Hang on the wall of black and white photos, make a collage of old magazines, buy a reproduction of a vintage poster or posters.

On tables, shelves, chests of drawers can put table lamps with fabric shades, porcelain and metal figurines, if the children's room - dolls and teddy bears made in vintage style.

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