The value of color in the interior

The value of color in the interior
 Scientists are three types of color effects on the human body - physical, optical and emotional. This means that to the choice of color in the interior stands with great responsibility - that colors of walls and furniture may be to blame for that tomorrow you will stand up "on the wrong foot."

Black professionals are advised to use in any environment, but in moderation. A pair of black parts of the premises animates and gives it a depth. But it will be a surplus oppress and deprive vitality.

White color in the interior - it's the color of purity and harmony. It is visually expands the space, but at the same time it is a cool color - not always, you will feel comfortable in a white room.

Blue and blue - calming and relaxing. If you have a problem with the nervous system, if you are prone to stress and depression, choose for the walls a deep blue color.

The red color has a very strong energy. It is the color of passion, it excites and annoying. The red color in the interior fit overbearing people leaders. If you happen to bouts of depression, you can try to diversify the room red objects, but do not overdo it.

Yellow - the color of wealth. Sunny and warm, it brings light into any home and comfort. It is believed that yellow also has a calming effect. Not for nothing because there was an expression of "yellow house" - in psychiatric hospitals was taken before vykrashivat wall in yellow to calm violent inmates.

Green - a mixture of blue and yellow. The more yellow in color, so it is warmer than the more blue, the cooler. Green is the color stability, and even some of stagnation. And they say that green good for the eyes.

Brown - pretty heavy color. Experts do not recommend using it in large quantities, perhaps in combination with a pure white color.

Choosing the color of the interior, remember that for children's rooms is better to use quiet pastel shades. As well as for bedrooms. The color should not unnecessarily initiate this may lead to increased fatigue and stress.

Red is best to choose for kitchens and living rooms - for the places where you are most active. By the way, red visually narrows the room, but the blue, on the contrary, is expanding.

Combine colors wisely - sharp contrasts can liven up the interior, and it can simply "kill". If you are not confident in their ability to pick harmonious colors, consult an interior designer.

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