The interior in the Japanese style: authentic beauty in simplicity

The interior in the Japanese style: authentic beauty in simplicity
 Eastern peoples known for the ability to bring every work to perfection. Skill, precision, conciseness and expressiveness - these qualities valued in Japan. Many people are attracted to Eastern philosophy, are beginning to appreciate Japanese cuisine, decorated interiors in Japanese style.
 The main features of the Japanese style is considered the most open space. In Japan, you will not see the usual for us swing doors, doors Japanese are more similar to the screen. Depending on the purpose of the doors are made of different materials: wood, paper, bamboo. For the separation of functional areas in a room used mobile screens. This makes it easy to change the structure of the premises at any time.

Generally, the design inherent in the Japanese style of minimalism. Apartments in this country tend to be small, and therefore each room often serves several functions. But this flexibility has not led to the piling up of furniture, and the arts thus combine the most needed items so they do not clutter up the room and at the same time serves several functions.

Furniture from the Japanese usually also mobile. It is easy to remove or move. Instead, use the beds futons - special soft mattresses, they add the afternoon and put them in the closet. Wherein cabinets are typically built into the wall, so as not to occupy too much space. The Japanese do not use stools, chairs and tables - instead special comfortable floor cushions.

Indispensable thing in Japanese interior is low tea table, usually in the lower part built a special heater. This table perfectly replaces the family home, the house creates comfort and warmth.

And for decoration and for interior decoration is commonly used natural material. The Japanese believe that only real wood or stone have energy needed in a dwelling.

Floors veiled special woven mats - tatami, which replace the carpets. For decorations using paper lampshades with different characters, ikebana, figurines, jewelry boxes, painted fans.

Japanese-style common to use natural colors. Light beige colors, pearl gray. Calm, do not tire the eyes. But allowed and contrasting black and white combination.

Japanese minimalist style is perfect for the Russian small apartments. This is a great way ergonomic use of space.

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