Terms of care for leather furniture

Terms of care for leather furniture
 Leather furniture is practical and easy to clean. But for her, too, need to be able to properly take care that the skin has lost its luster over time, coloring, not stretched and certainly not torn or cracked. This does not need to use any expensive tools. Quite simply take good care of furniture.  

Never place leather furniture near heat sources. Take care to from radiators to sofas and chairs had at least 40-50 cm. Never dry skin hairdryers or expose it to direct sunlight.

Leather surface is usually very smooth and might get the wrong impression that it is not going to dust. It's not as fine dust particles is quite able to clog the pores in the leather, so walking around the apartment with a vacuum cleaner, do not forget to treat and sofa too. Use a soft brush at the same time, which will not damage the delicate structure of the leather.

Dirt from the leather furniture is removed with a soft flannel cloth dampened with normal soap and water. This is enough to keep the furniture clean.

Particular attention should be paid to appear on the skin spots. Be sure to check the nature of the origin of the spot to find a suitable tool to remove it. It should be remembered that grease stains need only a wet absorbent cloth and leave it alone. After a couple of days, the skin itself absorbs fat and dissolve the stain completely.

Traces of ballpoint pens, felt-tip pens, green fodder and other colorants are removed with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. You do not need to rub hard or long, otherwise you risk to remove paint or even spoil material. If the stain is not amenable to alcohol, stearic treat it with a sponge.

Once a year, can process their leather chairs and sofas with a specially designed for this purpose funds. Only choose this one against whom has nothing against the manufacturer of your furniture.

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