Renovation of the interior in a savings

Renovation of the interior in a savings
 Not every family can afford to make repairs or to buy new furniture. However, the fact that the update of interior design does not fit into the family budget, does not mean that you can not show imagination in order to achieve their goal. Creative approach to help you save money on the way to transform your home.  


As a rule, kitchen units fastest worktop comes into disrepair. Replace it - and you will significantly improve the appearance of the kitchen. And not necessarily countertop should be made of marble or granite, natural wood is much cheaper, and looks no less advantageous. Another problem - the wall behind the sink. If you can not afford to put its tiles, use a low-cost alternative solutions: plastic panel or laminated hardboard.


Children's room just made for bright colors and eclectic. Forget about elegance and sophistication. Decorate the interior, adding a holiday, you will be children themselves: hang on the walls of their drawings and crafts, and to select them, use bright colored frame. A nice addition - a stylized school board, because children are very fond of chalk.

Living Room

The easiest way to update the room by painting the walls in it. New colors will give a different perception of the living room. And it is not necessary to paint the walls completely - you can upgrade only one of the walls, or to emphasize a different paint the space between the shelves. Two adjoining walls painted in different colors, to help you visually divide the room into zones. Ceiling is possible, and sometimes even need to paint other than white. To support the new interior colors, use the soft cushions of appropriate colors.

Change your habits!

Curtains hanging in the windows all year round, heavily bored. Would be good for every room to have two sets of curtains. Then "celebrate" the season will be replaced by a change of curtains. For the cold season will suit heavy curtains, and for the warm - more air. To enhance the effect, you can make from the same cloth covers for upholstered furniture, and change them with curtains.

New furniture - from the old

Buy new furniture is quite expensive, but a new piece of furniture can be quite get to and from old furniture. The most simple ways - painting or pasting paper, cloth, Colour Options. Do not be afraid to paint old furniture in bright colors. Old dresser or nightstand, you first began to move into the far corner of the room, can easily turn into stylish furniture, which guests will admire.

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