Proper interior - a pledge of spiritual comfort

Proper interior - a pledge of spiritual comfort
 For many people, the statement "my house - my castle" is crucial. House - a place where you can relax, unwind and release tension from everyday stress. And home interiors should fully comply with the nature of the host, to reflect their preferences and tastes.

Creating interior includes a few key points that require careful consideration. Style of the home is influenced by certain factors, each of which should be paid attention to.

Lifestyle host. Dwellings confirmed bachelor and made wise by experience of the father will be dramatically different. Therefore, you should take into account the habits, the main occupation, profession of the owner. By hiring a designer to design an apartment, you should dedicate it to their desires and dreams. Socialize in an informal setting, behave relaxed and at ease - you will help professionals do their job efficiently and effectively. In a situation of "himself a designer and foreman" have to work hard, "try on" the images and making thumbnails.

Type of temperament. The underlying principle of creating the right atmosphere in the house is the predominant type of temperament host. Choleric suitable mix of styles and a sharp contrast - an abundance of space, strict forms, bright and modern colors. Sanguine will feel good in the house, decorated in a free creative style - glass, mirrors, a riot of colors and bursts of energy. Melancholic important opportunity to privacy, peace and quiet. Phlegmatic follows the practicality and prefers clear and timeless classic style.

The color scheme of the room. Color matching is done on an individual basis. Choose a color, without considering the preferences of the owner of the apartment, it is impossible. The right color will be the basis of harmony and a sense of inner balance. Fans of stability and balance are perfect all shades of green, yellow color is often chosen by people, easy-going, funny and cheerful. Dark colors reflect the originality and the unpredictable nature of the host. Choosing the main direction of color, you should pick up shades or contrasting colors for the decoration of the individual parts of the interior.

A cozy home environment can not be imagined without trinkets and things that reflect the experience of the owner, experienced impression memorable memories.

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