Oriental style interior: key 1000 and 1 night

Oriental style interior: key 1000 and 1 night
 You want to add in familiar surroundings a little exotic? The interior in oriental style - this is just what you need. To play it, no need to make radical changes and invest a lot of money, you just add a few bright and expressive details that will help you get into fairy tales "Thousand and One Nights."

Oriental style can not be described unambiguously. He is characterized by luxury and the caller (expensive fabrics such as silk, brocade, velvet, soft carpets, mosaics, the finest paintings of walls and furniture made of precious wood) and asceticism, which is expressed in a simple form.

Is unlikely to succeed in the apartment reproduce true eastern interior, but it will make styling. One need only take the most succulent, bright, expressive and typical for this style of your home and arrange accordingly.

In the east the house a lot of juicy color. This is reflected in the abundance of bright textiles on couches, lots of silk pillows, carpets and walls and floors. The walls are painted in warm shades of terracotta, red, beige, yellow.

Relevant to the oriental style niches, columns and carved arches. If you build all these structures in an apartment is almost unreal, it is possible to draw such splendor on the walls, and supplement it with beautiful ornaments.

Furniture in the eastern interior is not much, but it is spectacular and hearty. The main elements of furniture - sofas, ottomans with velvet upholstery, folding screens and low coffee tables. They are made of precious wood: teak, rosewood, walnut, bamboo and so on. Furniture should be richly decorated with carvings, inlays of metal or wood, painted, based on used vegetable and geometric ornaments.

Will make the interior of eastern flavor all sorts of details. Hang on the wall ceramic plates, arrange the jars with a narrow neck, metal utensils, decorated with embossing. Help to emphasize the style of stained glass windows, screens. Put it on the table hookah, scatter cushions on the floor. Curtains decorate picked up with gold tassels. But be careful not to overdo it with the decor.

To issue the entire apartment in this exotic style is not necessary. It will be appropriate in the living room. Decorated in bright oriental style, the central room of your home will impress your guests.

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